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Hey guys, I was diagnosed with an underbite. They...

Hey guys, I was diagnosed with an underbite.
They told me that I would need jaw surgery, after 1-1/2 years of braces. I was told that I would need multiple extractions. So after 4 wisdom teeths and 2 molars, I finally got braces . Braces caused my uppers to move in to fill in my molars that I got taken out. With my uppers moved in, it cause my underbite to look way worst. Next was jaw surgery. At first, my orthodontist told me that I would need to get my lower jaw moved in and that was it. After an referral to an jaw surgeon, they told me that I would need dbl jaw surgery. There was no way I could afford dbl jaw surgery, so jaw surgeon said that I could opt out for an lefort 1. This is where they move my upper jaw forward. Shocked to find this out, I asked my orthodontist, who told me that I need to have lower jaw surgery. The orthodontist agreed with the jaw surgeon, saying that a lefort 1 would be better than having my lower jaw move back. Trusting the orthodontist, I agreed with the lefort 1. Fast forward 5 months, I got my braces removed, and was told everything turned out great. But I feel like my teeth are cricket and misaligned. I told my surgeon about this, and he told me that my orthodontist can fix that. Okay, so I asked my orthodontist. He told me my bite is good and my teeths are great. I told him that my upper teeth are not aligned with my face. He told me that they are good, and that I needed to have my braces removed because I had them on for to long and it was effecting the health of my teeth. So that was that, I had them removed. Here i am guys 1 year later. I don't know how I feel about this journey I took with fixing my bite. I feel like my problems was my under bite, and it was solved by moving my upper jaw forward to fit with the bottom. At the end of the day I feel like my underbite was not fixed, and I still feel like my teeth are not aligned right. The question is, can I get braces again.
Miller Dixon orthodontist and Dr Bart Ferrell surgeon

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