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I cannot express enough how awesome Dr. Michael...

I cannot express enough how awesome Dr. Michael Spann is! A few weeks ago, I visited his office for a consultation in terrible shape, mentally and physically. I could tell by his appearance, mannerism, and personality that he is a perfectionist. He is also very humble, attentive, and understanding. These characteristics are precisely what I was looking for in the person that I would have the confidence in to help return my self-image. When my husband and I first met, many moons ago, he was attracted to me because of my spunk. He called me a proud peacock. Less than two years ago, that changed. I had a ruptured implant, and went to Dr. Suzanne Yee. I’d had a child a few years prior, and requested a breast lift, along with replacement of the deflated implant. After the surgery, I was quite displeased. My husband could not believe that a Plastic Surgeon would make such a mess with a scalpel. It really was awful. Not just the incisions, but everything that was done to my breasts. Turns out she is not a board certified PS. A few months later, I had another rupture. Then I had yet another rupture, which brought me to the office of Dr. Spann. I could not bring myself to go through the same experience I’d had previously. I just wanted to have the implants removed, and hoped he could do something to improve the state of my pitiful looking breasts. He was very honest with me about the results to expect. I told him that I didn’t have high expectations, but knew he could improve the appearance of my breasts. From the very first day of surgery, I could tell this procedure was different than the last. I felt better, and definitely looked better. It is now two weeks post-op, and I can honestly say that Dr. Spann is an artist. My husband is thrilled with the results, and I haven’t even finished healing. I am actually beginning to look normal again! I am so thankful that I chose Dr. Spann. I love my perky breasts! The shape is great, and his incisions precise. Ladies, please understand the importance of choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, like Dr. Spann. My hope is that others will benefit from my experiences, and avoid what I went through. It’s not that I am a terribly vain person. I just literally felt like a freak. Who elects to go through the expense and pain of surgery to have friends and family say how sorry they are when looking at them? That being said, I am now healing mentally and physically at the same time. I am not receiving apologies about deformed breasts anymore. Dr. Spann rocks!!!!!!!!

Breast Implant, Lift & Scar Revision

I suppose I need to change my user ID from explant to implant. :-) As I previously posted, Dr. Spann performed miracles on my explant and lift. I didn't post a bunch of pictures, because I would have to post before & after photos. There is no way I would want potential patients to confuse what I walked into his office with, to what he was able to do to correct the awful mess Dr. Suzanne Yee had made of my breasts. I was very very happy with the results. Had I never had implants, I would have been content forever. However, I had implants for 20 years, and missed the fullness around the cleavage area, that you can only obtain through implants. Hence, I am now on my 5th day of recovery from my new implants and scar revision (a little residual of the gift of disaster left from Dr. Yee). Dr. Spann told me in advance there could be some scarring that he could correct after the initial procedure, under local in his office. I hate to sound repetitive, but he truly is AWESOME! He will tell you that a cosmetic procedure isn't the cure all for the correction you seek, and not to have unreasonable expectations. Don't believe him for a second. :-) I have always been very secure with myself, and comfortable with my flaws. At the same time, I refuse to grow old gracefully, and believe if there is something you can have done to improve your appearance, go for it. He absolutely exceeded my expectations. It absolutely has positively changed my life. I have been on my way back to my original secure self, since the day I left the hospital, after the first procedure he performed. I am only on my 5th day of recovery, and am already LOVING my new breasts! All traces of the freak show that Dr. Yee sent me off with has almost vanished. My breasts look better than they did when I had my first implants at age 18. They aren't perfect. Anyone who has had a lift understands there will be scarring. I do not believe another PS in the world could have given me better results. I am so passionate about this because I had such a horrible experience with Dr. Yee. I have had multiple surgeries in my life, and walked in and out with no fear. Although Dr. Spann had earned my 100% trust from the first procedure, I had a full blown anxiety attack, while in preop. It was a terribly long day for him. He was behind schedule, because he needed to spend extra time ensuring he left another patient (who had a nightmare similar to my Yee experience. Although he didn't say, it was probably another one of her botched boob jobs) with the perfection he demands of himself. He sat patiently in a chair next to me, and calmed me down. He said if I was having second thoughts, he would reschedule my procedure, or do whatever I wanted to do. It is clearly not all about making a buck to him. He actually even corrected the remaining remnants of Yee damage at no charge. A great deal can be said about a PS that will not only stand behind their work, but to actually correct the unskilled results of another? I will say it over and over, Dr. Spann is an artist. He is caring, brilliant, and the real "best of the best" in Little Rock. I am not one to review on the Internet. These polar opposite experiences I have had with Dr. Yee, and Dr. Spann inspired me to help others understand the importance of choosing the right PS. Ask around. I was embarrassed to discuss these things with my friends. You would be surprised how many would love to share their own experiences, or have you share yours. Be sure your PS is board certified. Just trusting that when they advertise they are "triple board certified" that it means they are a board certified PS could give you false confidence. Find out what those certifications are. Truly skilled surgeons like Dr. Spann don't have to, nor do they have the time to have employees sit at the computer posting fake positive reviews, or vote all day to win the "best of the best" contest, in some silly advertising scheme. I am sure Dr. Spann has and will receive awards for his talent. I don't think he will be so insecure in his skill that he will need to focus on filling a wall in his office with pictures of himself, or with posters of achievements he didn't honestly earn.... Dr. Spann will be honest and tell you if you are considering a procedure that won't compliment you, and will be honest in telling you the procedures that will. I know that the end result that I asked for was not what he thought would look best. He was very respectfully clear about his opinion (which I trust emphatically, btw), but took the time to know me, and why I wanted the result I wanted. He understood what I meant, and it is exactly what I now am so excited to see in the mirror! I hope that my story will encourage others to make an informed decision. When we ladies have cosmetic surgery, it is because we need a little boost, and want to look the best that we can. For me, Dr. Spann is the man! Prayers to all for the best experience possible.
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