Breast Lift Without Augmentation Plus Liposuction - Rochester, NY

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I have wanted my breasts fixed since I was 16....

I have wanted my breasts fixed since I was 16. Mine were sagging, unfortunately I don't have previous pictures.

I went in for surgery on June 25, 2012. The doctor prescribed a blood thinner prior to surgery. When I woke up in recovery I could feel every millimeter of my BL incision burning but I felt zero lipo pain. I asked the nurse if they had forgotten to do it, but she assured me that it had been done. When I first saw my breasts I was a bit taken aback by the strangely shaped nipples. The left was not even a shape I could recognize. I would have said a skewed oval if pressed to describe it. My right was not the same width the entire way around. The left side of the nipple is significantly smaller in diameter than the right. The other very noticeable adnormalty is the shape of the left breast. It is larger than the right, which is opposite the presurgery situation and it is square with a flat spot where cleavage should be. They are also terribly bruised which was likely a result of the blood thinner. I was given dilaudid for pain while in the hospital overnight which helped keep me painfree for the most part.

The liposuction felt completely painfree until day two at which time it started to feel like shocks going through the area and also like I had stitches which were being pulled on when my skin was touched or if I moved more than just a few inches. The most uncomfortable part so far has been the compression garment. It feels horrible, even worse than the incisions.

Day Two, I went home. Was given percoset which helped with the pain but after two hours I would become uncomfortable again.

Day Three, I felt much more comfortable. Left breast is still swollen and shiny. Have been applying frozen peas to help reduce the swelling. Also noticed a dark purple spot around the edge of my nipple. Hoping it's not necrosis. Yes, I tend to be panicky.

Day Four, The bruises seem to be healing a bit. I'm extremely tired even though I've been sleeping more than ever. Took a nap in the afternoon and applied peas in the evening.


I haven't decided upon a rating so I'm keeping it at one until I see the final outcome. If this is as good as it gets I would probably rate the experience a one. Nipples a child could have drawn rounder and square boobs are not what I expected.

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