Open Rhinoplasty - London, GB

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Hi, I am extremely excited to write my first...

I am extremely excited to write my first review on my rhinoplasty that I am scheduled to have on the 3rd of November.

I have so far had a consultation with the nurse and the surgeon, Dr Lahoud. Dr Lahoud did seem confident as he spoke- there were quite a few girls in the sitting room who were waiting for him and were full of praises.

I haven't really gone back to him for another consultation as he seems to know what he was talking about.

Don't get me wrong but I am extremely nervous!!! Nervous of the pain and swelling and all the after effects of the surgery.

18th Feb update

It's almost the 4th month since I had my surgery: there are a few things I can point out
1. My nose isn't symmetrical - one nostril seems to be noticeably smaller than the other
2. Bridge is swollen still- maybe because its fairly new and I need to still wait to see results
3. The side profile looks really good
4. Tip is still swollen and big.

I've booked to see Dr Lahoud in April to discuss what options I have and whether I would need a correction surgery
Dr Lahoud

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