Painless Procedure, but Painful Recovery (24hours In)

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I am a healthy, active, 165lb, 42 year old...

I am a healthy, active, 165lb, 42 year old veteran, and consider myself pretty tough. I'm 24 hours post procedure, and although the most severe pain has mostly subsided I still feel like Mike Tyson used my pits as a punching bag (and it looks like it too). I had my procedure late yesterday afternoon, and apparently I had a very large area to address, as I believe I had 39 locations (level 5) to treat on each arm (I think they said my area measured 140x80, or XXL). The complete procedure itself took about 2.5 hours (longer than most due to the increased size & number of locations needing treatment). As most describe, it was mostly painless during the procedure itself. However, once I got home & the lidocaine began to wear off - I became very sore. Ice helps a lot. (I found the individual frozen margarita bags to work quite well, for the size and shape????).

I did work today (office job), but I was clearly sore. I walked around hunched over like a gorilla flexing his muscles as the swelling and bruising wouldn't allow me to relax my arms naturally.

The effectiveness of the procedure will remain to be seen in the weeks to come. I suffered from severe hyperhydrosis, and my armpits would leak like faucets even when I was freezing. Botox worked well for me, but Miradry seemed like an excellent option due to it being a permanent solution. Fortunately for me, my health insurance covered both Botox & the Miradry procedure.

I am hopeful for good results, but at this point, I'm not sure I'll get a second procedure; as thus far, the recovery is more painful than I anticipated. But maybe it's partially due to my large area (39 locations on each arm) being treated on level 5. Again, the procedure itself is fairly painless.

Doc was great! Professional & painless during procedure. Hope recovery speeds up.

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