24 Year Old No Kids but Used to Be Chubby! Now I Am 35 Pounds Fitter and I Want my Boobs to Match! - Riverside, CA

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Im so excited for my procedure! I have wanted it...

Im so excited for my procedure! I have wanted it for 4 years and finally have saved enough money to start my life! I feel like i have been living in a shell, embarrassed of my chest! I like my body otherwise and i used to have 36d in high school! Now 6 years later i am a sad looking 34a! My count down started june 28th still 7 weeks to go! Could not be more ready.. My PS thinks i should go for 425 to get a full d again but i am 5'8 135 lbs i think i can pull off 500 full profile?! Or it might just be boob greed! Hehe i want them like the pic i posted ;) too big?


Feeling anxious and excited!

Finally only 4 and a half weeks left until my BA! I could not be more ready. My preop is in 2 weeks and we are picking the size then. Well i am telling my ps what size i want. He told me max i could go was 425ccs but i feel that is going to be too small. I want 500 cc full profile naturelles! I was measured 12 cm so im hoping my ps will be okay with alil more ccs for the look i want.
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