Right for my Legs, Wrong for my Bikini Line

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I have had laser hair removal on my underarms and...

I have had laser hair removal on my underarms and my legs. It’s amazing and a total improvement over shaving and waxing. No more ingrown hairs or stubble brushing against my boyfriend at the wrong time.

All told it took about a year to get the full results, going back for six or seven sessions every month or two. The sessions became less frequent as time went on. Now I still get hair coming back but it’s more of a maintenance thing than anything else. If I know I’m going somewhere special then I can go for a touch-up. I think I may also go in a few months when summer comes.

Saying all that about how much I love it, it did hurt and I’d be hesitant to have it done somewhere like my bikini line. They wouldn’t let me use numbing cream because it apparently messes up the laser so I can’t imagine an hour of zaps “down there.” Eek!

So yes, it does hurt, but not too bad. When the laser is over the hair follicle it hurts but as soon as it’s removed then everything’s okay again. I was red and a bit tingly and sensitive for a few days after each treatment (especially on my legs because my skin is surprisingly sensitive down there around my calves) but after that it was fine. That’s another reason I wouldn’t want to get my bikini line done though. Having jeans rubbing against a raw area on my legs was bad enough, but underwear? No thanks!

Still, I can recommend it for the areas you dare to make raw because it is worth it!
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