20yo. Latvia, LV

Have wanted to do this procedure for years,...

Have wanted to do this procedure for years, finally have done it and could not be more happy. Dr Feldmanis was amazing. Very kind and understanding, always with a smile. I was scared of going to a plastic surgeon, expecting big to see a doll for a face but dr F was very sweet and natural looking :) . The staff and clinic had a clean and welcoming atmosphere to it. Had my consultation on the 17th as well as my blood taken and surgery on the 20th. Day of surgery, spoke to the anesthesiologist and Dr Feldmanis, signed some papers, the nurses helped me change and showed me the way to the theater room. Woke up in a fair amount of pain, but the nirse was quick to giver a good dose of pain killers intravenously. Slept for about 5h and headed home. Best to get a lift from somebody since, I felt quite light headed and sick. This is normal! Which is why Dr F told me to make sure I have help getting back.
Day 1 after surgery.
Keep expecting to be in a huge amount of pain but that does not seem to be the case, haven't taken any pain medication today and pain levels are at about 3-4/10. Peeing stings a little and touching the area is quite tender. Cold compress helps a lot! So far very happy with the experience and result. I asked to try and keep it more naturally looking and did not want the V-wedge method, so went for the trim method.

3 day post surgery

Can't believe how minimal the pain is. 2nd day after surgery I took no pain killers, cleaned the entire garden and drove around all day. Had increased swelling though but an ice pack hellped. Sleeping is absolutely no problem (I sleep on side and back). 3rd day I have quite a bit of itching and a tiny bit of pain in my clit area. Things are going much better than expected all I can say :)

3rd day post surgery

5 day post surgery

Practically no pain, can walk, kneel fully down, pee with no stinging sensation and more or less dab/wipe (which is really nice). Haven't used the ice pack, had a little pain last night but only used my cold hand for a bit haha. I have one Q though. Will sex be less pleasurable now (with the trim method)? Thank you :)

6 day post surgery

Been doing way too much activities I think and kneeling down and lifting heavy things. Haven't put ice on the area or taken medication (pain &a inflammatory) , so both minoras are swollen and my clit is really tender. If my trousers catch the wrong angle it's like someone flicking my clit and that is not a nice feeling (when not sexual haha). Otherwise things are ok, bruising going down and practically no swelling to my lab.majoras I think. Clit displaced, but as some of you were kind enough to tell me that hopefully after 4weeks or more it should go back :)

Day 7 post surgery, freaking out about my clit

Ok, so I am seriously starting to freak myself out about my clit. It's much lower than before and it's as if it's been split or something, I don't know if that's even possible and if there were to be a mark then. The top left side is ditched and is as tender as the part that sticks out. But it's sticking out all by its self and doesn't feel or look good. I can't seem to find good enough pics on the Internet, but could someone check theirs and see if it's attached at the top... I know it sounds weird but I'm just worried about how it will go back up when it's so low and not attached to anything at the top to pull it up. Has my surgeon messed me up? If so, is there a possibility to correct this? It used to be completely covered by my hood and now it's not :(

Day 10 post surgery

Swelling gone down, had a calm look at the "shtuuuf" realized everything is ok, no problems with the clit (thank goodness) and everything looking nice :) extremely happy that I have done this procedure, still can't believe it! One Q to you gals out there who've had this done (trim method) my edges are a little hard, will they go softer when the swelling completely goes or will they always be a little rough due to the scar..? Thank you x

15 days post-op

Everything's been going well, no pain just a bit of a white discharge (not thrush but white blood cells, bcuz of the general swelling to the area still as I was told). Today however I went to the beach and was running around too much I think. When I was playing volleyball I felt a bit of a sting and when I came home I had more blood discharge than normally. On the right side(pic) , there is a red "dot" I think this is where a vein was if I remember correctly, I think I've split that area. Should I go get it re stitched or will it heal? Other than that all is well :) happy with the results and how things are going, just seriously wasn't to go for a run now!!

18 days post op

Feeling awesome. Swelling gone further down, no pain, healing nicely I think. The edges of my lab.minoras have become much softer, so no longer worried about them being hard, I'd be fine if they stars like this but I know they'll go even softer :) Went swimming in the sea today and running. No pain or discomfort post the activities :) probably a mistake but me And my boyfriend got a little impatient and we fooled around a bit (involved fingers) there was minimal pain during and non after so I don't think any harm was done haha will check in again after several days :) keep it healing fellow gals x

Just over 1 month post op

Hey girls,
I was wondering how long the scar tissue will hurt a little during and after intercourse. It doesn't hurt a lot just a little annoying after intercourse lol if anyone had similar notions how long until they went away? Thank you x
Dr Kaspars Feldmanis

Dr Feldmanis was very kind and his assistant with whom I spoke through email answered all my questions fast and precisely. I have only positive reviews for dr Feldmanis and his staff. All clean, kind and I always had someone by my side.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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