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Hi I am new here I have been reading all the post...

Hi I am new here I have been reading all the post I can. It seem that a lot of them are over a year old and I am looking to see something a little more current. I have had my band for 8 1/2 years lost 100 lbs, I had my Band removed in the beginning of June. I was having problems with it since December.Well I had some fluid taken out due to acid/night coughing/tired of throwing up.....well I kept going for fills and still wasn't feeling it, I new something was wrong needless to say finally June I went and did the X-ray and fur sure there was a problem and I needed surgery that day and had it removed. We'll hate to say since December I have gained at least half of what I lost:( so as of now the end of this month I am going and doing the dietician and sycologist thing again. And we are hopefully looking at September to have the sleeve.i have to wait the 3 months for my tummy to heal from the removal.Has anyone had a similar experience with no regrets;)

Approved..My date is 9/19

Well I got the call today I was approved my surgery is scheduled for September let the count down begin.

Tomorrow is the day!!

Starting to feel a little anxious having a lot of butterflies in the stomach. I have to get out of the house and pick up last minute stuff hopefully get my mind off of it for awhile. I have to be at the hospital by 6. Just can't wait for tomorrow to be over with.

3 days post

Well I am 3 days out. The day of the surgery went fine I was up and walking in no time. I didn't have that horrible gas pain. I felt it a little but not bad at all. I got released from the hospital the following evening. But now I have diarrhea every time I eat . I am hoping it will pass. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Otherwise I feel good.
Dr. Edward Pucci

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