Worst Ever Eyebrow Tattoo! - Richmond, AU

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The cheap deal I bought on Groupon for an eyebrow...

The cheap deal I bought on Groupon for an eyebrow tattoo at Australian Dermal Clinic was definitely not worth it. I went in to have my eyebrows redone over an old faded tattoo and one was done OK but the other one was tattooed higher up on the end than the old one, leaving me with a "double" eyebrow! Carolina claimed that the old inked "moved under my skin". When I went back for a second treatment (BIG MISTAKE!) she admitted that she tattooed it on higher to make it symmetrical. She needs her eyes examined because it was symmetrical to start with on the old tattoo! She then redid the eyebrow between the new one and the old one leaving me with three lines on the outer end! She told me she could make the unwanted tattoos disappear with "camouflage" colour. Carolina also tried tattooing thick hair strokes in blond (which looked more like pink) over the dark brown tattoo to make my brows lighter. After she started one eyebrow and I said I didn't like the look of that, she said she would put brown over the Blond. They have now healed and they are a hodge podge of three colours - dark grey, dark brown and light brown and they colours do not resemble hair strokes in any way, shape or form. The camouflage colour looks like badly applied concealer in the wrong colour! My eyebrows are a mess and I can't fix them now until they fade in a few years' time! I have to use brown eyebrow pencil on them to even out the colour! The whole reason I had them tatooed was so I wouldn't have to use pencil as I have no eyebrow hairs.

The lesson learned is not to take a cheap online offer for cosmetic tattoo - it isn't worth it! I would rather have paid full price and had a good professional job for my money. You only get what you pay for and this was cheap and nasty! This woman should not be allowed to do tattooing as she has neither the skill nor the artistic ability required!

Worst eyebrow tattoo ever!

The place is called Advanced Dermal Institute - take note and AVOID AT ALL COST!
Carolina Mangion

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