I Just Want It off of Me..Dense and Dark Half Sleeve - Richmond, VA

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I got this finished about 4-5 weeks ago. Instantly...

I got this finished about 4-5 weeks ago. Instantly regretted it after a day or two when I realized how dark the ink is and how dark it makes my body look as a whole. I have been experiencing the same feelings of regret that others have mentioned on here. Haven't been able to fully function, which is something I really cannot afford to do right now because I am currently in graduate school. I have invested SOOO much time into researching and investigating methods, therefore I just ended up selecting laser tattoo removal. I called Invisible Ink Remover in Richmond a few days ago and set up a consultation. The manager of the facility and I have been messaging each other back and forth. She has been helpful in answering my questions, especially about the nm wavelengths of the lasers (they use picosure and picoway). She quoted me for 6 sessions for 2.3k (hella expensive) and there is a guarantee that if there is not complete removal with that frame then there is a year of free services offered (Which I would have to investigate more in person). I KNOW for a fact, especially after researching and following different stories, that it will not be remove within 6-12 sessions. This stubborn, black dense ink on my body will take much more time...

I am extremely upset at myself and I already have a habit of beating myself up for situations I put myself in. I am discouraged right now, so I thought it might be helpful to seek for advice and responses in the real self community. Please let me know what you personal experiences are if you have had to dealt with black, dense ink and shading on your tattoos.

My first consultation is on the 20th of April, I may get my first treatment done that day if all goes well, but I am hesitant to say. Will keep posting.
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