33 Yo 5'1", Four c-sections, 8+ years nursing, TT (w/Botox) and breastlift - Richmond, VA

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Hello!! I am a 33yo mom to 4 kids ages 2-9. I was...

Hello!! I am a 33yo mom to 4 kids ages 2-9. I was pregnant and/or breastfeeing for just shy of 10 years (no breaks!!) and am ready to finally get myself put back together! Currently 123 lbs, 5'1". I am big into Crossfit and in pretty good shape, but am very sick of having a huge gap (3-4") between my abs, having my insides squishing out, and of course servere lack of core strengh which affects me everyday in the gym. I also have a hernia near my belly button which will be reapired during surgery. After nursing for over 8 years I am left with breasts that are uneven by a cup size. They are also deflated and saggy. Before kids I was a nice 32/34 C. My size slowly increased and right now I am a 32 DD on one side and a 32 D on the other. My frame in petite (5'1", size 2) so this is plenty big for me. For a long time I debated about getting a small inplant put in with the breastlift. Of course the fullness and youthful look would be nice, but I was not thrilled about having an implant in there for the rest of my life and having to maintain those with more surgeries. I have decided to just get a lift for now. Only skin will be removed from the smaller side, and skin and tissue from the larger. I am really hoping to be about the same size when I am done. I have been used to this size for so long, I am hoping they are not much smaller. MY surgery is scheduled for September 29, 2015!! -- pictures to come shortly

Pictures : here is what we are dealing with!

Before (obviously!) pictures. It is pretty scary to be posting these, but hopefully they will help someone as so many other stories have helped me!

Botox in abs during tummy tuck?

Has anyone had Botox injected in their abdominals during a TT to aid with pain and healing? My doctor has been using Botox with her breast reconstruction patients for a few years and has had great success with pain management. She wants to use the same idea on her tummy tuck patients, but has not tried it yet. So I would be her first patient! She has a colleague who has been using Botox with tummy tucks and having great results. Of course it would be amazing to not have abdominals that are constantly stressing when I laugh, cough, etc. After four C-sections I definitely know how terrible that pain can be. But on the other hand, Botox freaks me out! Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Thank you!

5 weeks out

My surgery is 5 weeks away! I spent the last few weeks feeling super anxious, but now I am feeling better. I spent a lot of time researching my questions and concerns further. I am feeling more calm now. I have decided to get Botox in my abdominals to aid with recovery as my Dr. recommended. I am a little nervous since I will be the first patient she has used this technique on, but after reading numerous articles and studies on the benefits of Botox used in the pectoral muscle for breast reconstruction, (something my Dr has been doing for years), I am feeling good about this decision. I have four small kids, I need any recovery help I can get!

My parents have also booked their flight to come stay for a week during my surgery. My husband is going to take some days off work as well. I purchased my first recovery item, I nice recliner which is super comfy! I am just starting to read up on what else I need to buy. I don't have many casual clothes that would be comfy for after surgery, so I def need to stock up. I know I will also need a binder and some type of front clasp bra. I go for my pre op in 2 weeks, so after I hope have a better idea of what I need. I know a lot of people like a stock up, buy a ton ahead, make all sorts of schedules etc. I know I will NEED some things and need to plan ahead, but I am more of a keep busy and get the essentials. If I plan (stress!) too much I get anxious and overwhelmed. I can't be obsessing about surgery every second for the next 5 weeks because it honestly scares the crap out of me!!! I just want to knock it out and fast forward to a week after surgery! My mom had a tummy tuck several years ago, so it will be helpful that she knows what to expect.

Pre-op confirmed!

The doctor's office called to confirm my pre op today! Only I week to till pre op and 4 weeks till "the big day"! I felt a lot of relief this week as all the money we had been saving was squared away and ready to be paid in full next week. Spending this much money is not something I take lightly and the weight of how much the procedures cost has surely hit me. I know it will be worth it and I know I deserve it, but we are just an average family who had to scrimp to make this happen!

Anyways, I am tweaking my list of things to ask/discuss at the pre op. I definitely trust my Dr. and I'm sure a lot of these are routine for her, but it will still make me feel better to have them explained to me for peace of mind.
So far I have :
- Botox (to aid in pain and recover in abs) what are the risks, what to expect?
-What technique does she use to avoid dog ears?
-Will my C-section scar be revised as part of the surgery? (I have a big indentation now)
-What are the realistic breast lift goals?
-Smaller nipple size, how much?
-How will she ensure they are even? (right now my larger hangs lower also because the fold is lower as well)
-General schedule/timeline of post op visits?

I think that is it for now. I had some other questions on the sedation, but the anesthesiologist answered those during our phone conversation last week.

My next step is to start planning the shopping list. I have very few casual clothes that are actually roomy and comfortable. I imagine I will basically be living in a sweatshirt or loose yoga pants for a solid month, so I need a few things for sure. I have been compiling a buy list as I read through people’s post and need to do some research and find out what I have to have :)

Pre-op went well, 2 weeks to go!!

My pre op appointment was on Wednesday! I was able to ask all my newer questions and talk to both the Dr and nurse at length. Also had to pay everything in full. GULP. There went all our hard earned savings!! I am feeling ready though! Still anxious of course, but I feel comfortable and ready to get the surgery over so I can start the recovery process.
Here were the questions I asked and had answered:
- Botox (to aid in pain and recover in abs) what are the risks, what to expect?
--No big risks here. She is going to dilute and Botox and won't be using very much. She will be using about the same she uses on the entire face. Of course the abs are much larger. Abs won’t be completely nonfunctioning.
-Will my C-section scar be revised as part of the surgery? (I have a big indentation now)
-- so my C-section scar is low and my belly button high. I don't have a ton of skin, so she is going to work to end up with one scar, but I may have two. (My other consult said the same thing, so I was prepared for this). Worst case I said I would rather have a better overall result even if it meant two scars. My current C-section scar will at least be revised though. The scar tissue will be worked away from my body, so everything is flat and even again.
-What are the realistic breast lift goals?
--She talked about how so many BL pics are taken shortly after when swelling still occurs. She said at first they will look nice and larger, but the size will go down with the swelling. She fully expects me to be the same size 32D when I am done though. They will look nicer and lifted, but I am not going to have the upper pole fullness or general roundness because I am not getting an implant. This is what I expected and I am fine with this. I just want them to be improved and even!
-Smaller nipple size, how much?
--Yes nipples will be smaller, she is giving me the standard "ideal" size. Forget what that is right now though!
-How will she ensure they are even? (right now my larger hangs lower also because the fold is lower as well)
-The larger breast only has a lower fold because it has more tissue and is heavier. Once some tissue is removed from that side she expects to have a very even result. She showed me an example and this makes sense to me.
-General schedule/timeline of post op visits?
-Typically she sees her Tuesday surgery patients on Friday, and then every week after for a while. She said for the most part these visits are about giving the patient confidence that everything is healing right and the weird stages of recovery that arise are all part of the process. Since I live over an hour away she does not have to see me as often unless I want to. We can communicate and I can share pictures through email for small questions or concerns I have. (Does this swelling look normal? etc.) So I will probably go a little less often just because it is a lot to drive so far have child care etc. We will have a email check in on Friday and my first in office post off on Monday as long as everything looks good.

I was a little bummed out find out she does not provide the compression garments. Now I have spent way too many hours looking at them online and analyzing every detail. Need it narrow it down and order this weekend. Almost two weeks out! I did get my 4 prescriptions. 1 for pain, 1 antibiotic, 1 for nausea, and 1 for pre-op nausea the morning of. Those are currently being filled. I will be giving the pain med a half pill test drive to be sure it doesn’t make me sick.

I was also surprised to hear there aren't a ton of things I NEED to buy. I have seen so many post and lists on here where people are buying a ton of stuff. She said most other vitamins aren't proven to actually work. I thought I needed several ice packs for example, but those actually inhibit healing because they get less blood to the incisions. Makes sense. Here is my current shopping list. The "nice to have" things are towards the bottom

Front closure sleep bra (got 3 from Wal*mart)
High waist, shorts compression girdle (want zip/clasp closure and open crotch for ease)
comfy undies (got these at Wal*mart, 6 for $6!)
Antiseptic wash
Stoll softener
Milk of magnesia
silicone and foam ear plugs (for belly button)
zip up tops and jammies, comfy clothes
sanitary pads (this will be coming a few days after surgery, yuck!)
recliner (got off Craigslist a few weeks ago)
more pillows
straw drink cups and water pitcher
silicone scar tape
TV tray
coconut water

I think that is all for now. I will start gathering my supplies!

Ordered compression garmet

I have been OBSESSING over finding the correct compression garment during the last week. I've been looking at way too many choices online. I finally decided to order this one from Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LQN3K5W?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00
It will arrive in 2 days and if it doesn’t work I can return for free and stress some more. My measurements were at the end of the small range (28-29" waist, 38 hips), but I wanted to allow a smidge of room for swelling and to actually breathe. I really wanted a garment with a set of hooks or zippers on each side, but all the ones I found did not seem quite right. I was hoping for the mid thigh length shorts, but this was faster shipping, so hopefully it works! Will update soon. Need to take more before pics soon as well. If anyone has any better garment recommendations I would love to hear them!

Fajas Colombianas Post Surgery 9334 Boyshort

More before photos & I bought a bikini!

Stocking up on supplies

2 weeks away, need to get stocked on supplies. I am trying not to go overboard, but need to be prepared. Still have a few things on my MUST buy list.

Compression garment has arrived!

Thankful for Amazon prime two day shipping, my compression garment is here. The first time I tried to put it on I was utterly confused and thought WTF?! Took about five solid minutes the first time. Once it was on it felt great though. The second time only took about three minutes, and this morning I got it on easily in less than two minutes. I am pretty sure I'm going to keep it. My only question is whether or not I could have gone to the smaller size. My measurements were right at the end of the small range, but I figured with swelling and not wanting to be miserable, the size medium would be good. Here are some detailed pictures with notes in case anyone else is interested in this garment. It is the MariaE boyshort style 9334.

Only 1 week to go!

One week from today I will be on the flat side! I can't believe it. I've spent the last few weeks really anxious. I became a bit obsessive planning house schedules, shopping for supplies, etc. Now almost everything is done and I am feeling better and READY. Still need to clean some more in the house, but it is mostly decent and organized. I had one RX I couldn't find anywhere. Lots of calls to various stores, but I finally found it at a Mom & Pop pharmacy and picked it up today. I also ordered my compression garment in a smaller size. I can already wear the Medium on the tightest clasps and the legs don’t really compress, more just fitted. Plus, according to the size chart I should have been a small anyways. The new one should arrive Thursday, but of course I am a little anxious about that! We have a busy week of sports, my parents arriving, and a birthday party for my son, but I feel ready and excited!

Some stats to remember

I saw another poster who wrote down similar stats and it seems like a good idea to keep track! Here we go 6 days pre-op -

Chest without bra : 35"
Chest in current bra : 36"
Natural high waist : 28"
Thickest part of waist (around belly button) : 32"
Love handle area : 35"
Hips : 38"
Current weight : 126-127
Bra size : 32DD (left breast fits, right has room)

Tomorrow is THE day!

I can’t believe the big day is finally here! Definitely having the normal anxiety feelings, but really I am ready! We have to be the at office by 7:15, so we will be up bright and early. I was told to not eat after midnight, wash with the antiseptic solution in the morning, and take my nausea pill with a sip of water before I arrive. I have a “surgery suite” set up in my bedroom with the recliner and all supplies easy to access. My mom has an intense schedule of all the kids’ activities for the week and my husband is taking some time off work as well.

I did change my compression garment. I returned the size M boy short style and went with the MariaE size small style 9182. Sizing down was definitely the right decision. I can wear the girdle comfortably now and still have room to tighten. I also like the mid-thigh length better since it adds some compression to the legs. Hopefully I love this thing since I stressed so much and will be wearing it full time for six weeks.

That’s it for now. I guess I should try to sleep. I will update as soon as I am able tomorrow

Out of surgery!

My surgery is over! It ended around 2pm and now I am resting comfortably in my recliner. I was in a ridiculous amount of pain, but now it is slightly less so I can function and distract myself with TV.

We had a major change up this morning when my Dr came in and said she had been up in the middle of the night thinking about my surgery. Long story short (I will get into the details later), we changed my course of action for the breast lift this morning. I ended up getting a smaller lift with a tad of lipo at the bottom of the breast and a very small implant underneath the muscle. It was seriously last minute! My doctor felt that my smaller breast didn't need a full anchor implant (borderline), and if I just got a lift I wouldn't be happy overall considering the serious scars. She felt my breasts weren't terrible and the amount of change achieved would not be worth the scars. I am such a planner, it was crazy that this happened!! I will try to take pictures soon.

Pics from yesterday

Last minute change in breast surgery

First off, I apologize for the long winded post below! It helps me to write everything down and think through what happened since it was a last-minute change.
As I posted before, I was scheduled for a tummy tuck and full anchor breastlift (no implant). I was previously considering getting an implant. I didn't want to be a smaller size after the lift and of course an implant looks more youthful and gives a better shape. At the same time I didn't really want to maintain an implant and risk those complications. My doctor said she expected me to be the same size after the lift. She also felt more comfortable only performing two procedures instead of three all at the same time because I would be under for less time and the risk of infection was much lower. In the end I decided on just the lift hoping that I would like the result. My top priority was having the breasts be the same size.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. I paid in full weeks ago, was all checked in, and had already met with the nurse and anesthesiologist. Then the Dr comes in to mark me and a long conversation begins. The Dr said she spent a long time last night really analyzing my pictures further. She apologized repeatedly for recommending a change this late in the game, but she felt strongly that I would be happier with a different procedure. The smaller breast was borderline for needing a full lift, and she felt that the results achieved by the anchor lift would be decent, but not necessarily warranting the large scars. She normally likes performing a full lift on patients who have a lot more sag or nipples pointed down, and she didn't feel like my breast looked terrible. I agreed with her that I didn't absolutely hate them, I really just wanted them to be the same size and a tad higher. She was worried that my results would be slight and not that much of a difference. I was definitely open to her ideas because I had been so torn on this decision in the first place.

For the smaller breast (my right), she performed a small incision underneath to pull in a bit of skin. She lipoed some of the breast tissue on the lower half that was causing the sag and tacked the breast up slightly with the muscle. ( I am unsure what the technical name is for the tacking part). Lastly, she placed a 240cc saline implant under the muscle. I had never even considered a saline implant. The Dr explained that because I was only getting a very small implant, had lots of my own breast tissue, and was going under the muscle, that the saline would look just as natural as silicone. She also explained how saline is safer when ruptured, which is likely to happen at some point.

For the larger breast (my left) she made a larger incision under the breast and a smaller one up the breast about midway to the nipple. This allowed her to lift the larger breast a little more, as well as leveling out the heavy breast tissue on the bottom part. She also tacked the breast slightly, and finished with a 210cc saline implant under the muscle. Our goal was to end up with breasts that were the same size as before, maybe a smidge larger, also fuller, and of course EVEN!!

So far I am feeling great about the decision and really like the look. I am in a lot more pain up top then I was expecting, but I'm slowly getting used to it. Of course right now and plants feel hard and hurt, but I know they will drop over the coming weeks.

First tummy peek

Looking pretty rough at this point. Hopefully it's all normal

Slow and steady

It's been just shy of 48 hours since my surgery and I am feeling alright. Honestly I wasn't prepared for this amount of pain! I figured I would have some idea after four c-sections two which were unplanned after long labors with no meds. This pain is worse. The abdominal pain is more severe because it is the whole surface of the stomach. I did have the Botox injected into the abs for pain and that should kick in fully between days 3-10. I also was not prepared at all for the pain associated with implants. The plan originally was not to have them, so I really didn't read up much on recovery! For me the implant pain/pressure was worse over all, but the stomach hurt more when I was up and moving. Having to hunch over is not cool either!! I move so slowly!

I still have basically no appetite. In the past two days I have eaten maybe an equivalent of one meal all combined. I have had some oatmeal, a little soup, watermelon, applesauce, a few bites of eggs, coconut water, and Gatorade. I think that is it besides my meds. I'm trying to get down at least little bites of food because I think I will feel stronger.

Sleep has not been fun. The first night I got maybe four or five stretches of one hour spread out throughout the night. I was up at least every two hours to use the bathroom and had one hour and a half span I was up every 20 minutes and had to go so bad! I slept in the recliner the first night, but last night slept in the bed some propped up with a lot of pillows. My older kids have been good about leaving me alone, but my daughter who is two, has been wanting to see me all the time. Luckily she has been very gentle, but definitely not quiet! Both nights she has refused to fall asleep anywhere but in the recliner next to me. My husband then moves her to the bed.

So far we are doing OK. I just woke up from a nap and felt better than I have in a while. I walked downstairs for the first time and I'm currently propped up with a bunch of pillows on the couch. I am trying to wean myself off the pain meds a bit. I was taking one pill every four hours, but I am moving to a half a pill every six hours. They definitely make me feel out of it. For me, narcotics never seem to actually help with the pain, just make me feel out of it enough so I am distracted or sleep in a little more.

I think that is it for now! I go for my post op check up tomorrow around lunch time so I will be sure to update then. I am trying not to analyze anything or be concerned since it is so early but of course it is hard not to. Hopefully the doctor says everything looks great tomorrow.

3 days post - first shower

I am feeling alright today. My lower back is killing me from being hunched over, but it is definitely an improvement from yesterday so I am happy about the small progress. Moving around as becoming easier even though it is not comfortable yet. I did unfortunately get my period yesterday which was not cool at all!

I am getting ready to meet with my Dr. Took my first shower which wasn't too terrible. I put a little chair in there and my mom helped me. We just did a quick wash and she even shaved my armpits! Right now I am resting in the recliner with no girdle on for a few minutes so I snapped a few pictures.

4 days post

Yesterday I had my first post op. Everything went well and the Dr said I was healing nicely! We discussed the procedures she preformed, how everything went, and instructions till my second appointment a week later.
-My surgery was about 3.5 hours as expected.
-Tummy tuck worked out even better than planned. I had a high belly button and low C-section scar, so she was not sure about bring the scars together. The Dr. filled in the indention of my C-section scar with some fat from my belly, so now it is revised and nice and smooth. She was able to almost completely get rid of the old scar. Under my TT incision, about 1/2" down, there is a 2" scar that was my old C-section.
-She corrected my hernia and of course repaired the terrible abs
-My swelling is fairly minimal at this point thanks to my tight compression garment.
-Breast list also went better than expected. The Dr. originally planned on a lollipop lift on the larger side, but didn't need to take the nipple off and move it after all. It is nice having my nipples remain intact!
-I have swelling under my breasts from the lipo, the suspension lift hasn't healed yet, and of course the implants are high so it will take time for things to settle and move into place.
-I can stop wearing the uncomfortable bra band for now.

How am I feeling?!
-The meds I was on were strong, morphine, so I was down to 1/2 tab and started taking Percocet instead yesterday. Now I am taking only 1/2 pill every 5 or so hours and plan to reduce more tomorrow. Still tasking antibiotics and stool softener. (No poop yet!)
-I felt better today, but still a bit run down. Mostly just laid around and rested.
-My appetite is maybe 40% back to normal. I snacked a bit during the day and finally ate a normal dinner.
-Pain is not too bad. My abs hurt a ton, but not many sharp pains. My back hurts the most! I change positions, move around, and use the heating pad occasionally.
-No new pics today, since not much has changed, but maybe tomorrow to show the bruising. I try not to look at it too much!

5 days post

Not too much change. Finally pooped. Took a shower. Successful day!

Stretch marks ?!

Monday - 6 dpo - I wore my tight girdle garment for most of today and was pretty miserable in it by nighttime. Decided to sleep in Spanx underwear and felt so much better! I definitely plan to sleep in those at night.
Tuesday - 7 dpo - ugh feel terrible today. Definitely overdid it yesterday. Spent most of the day chilling and watching TV to get back on track. Swelling is pretty bad as well, definite increase from yesterday.
Wednesday - 8 dpo - slept in the bed for most of last night, and the recliner for a little bit in the early morning. First outing today for a quick trip to the library and park. Luckily my husband was there to help. Attempted to go into the grocery store as well, but it's hurting pretty bad at that point so I rested in the car. Noticed some very tiny light white stretch marks on my belly. About 2 inches below bellybutton to the sides, both sides. They are not old, definitely new and go with the grain of the skin pull. Using lotion and hoping they don't get worse.
Thursday - 9 dpo - slept in my bed all night mildly comfortable without getting up. Propped up on pillows slightly. Woke up and took for shower standing up! I've started wearing my spanks compression garments on/off, which funny enough I did not buy for surgery, but already had. They are 100 times more comfortable and I haven't noticed any additional swelling. The girdle definitely takes more pressure off my back though.

Stretch marks. booo

Soooo I have definitely gotten some stretch marks over the last two days. Not cool. They were not there before. Marks just appeared yesterday morning and in the direction that the skin is being pulled. This (left) side is worse the right is a little better. They are small and tiny and I am trying not to freak out, but I just hope they don't get worse. Seeing my doctor tomorrow so hopefully she recommends some super special cream that can at least stop them from getting worse.

2 weeks post - feeling good!

Today marks two weeks since my surgery and I am feeling good! I never would've imagined how much things could improve in only two weeks, but I am very thankful. I have been sleeping in the bed full-time for about a week, and flat just using my normal pillow for a few days. I can almost stand up completely straight. At least now I don't feel weird being in public hunched over! Yesterday I was actually productive around the house doing some light chores. Today I am back into my normal routine and feeling good. I have minimal pain besides achiness that doesn't overwhelm me most of the time, I love actually being productive!

I saw my doctor on Friday and everything is going well. Of course I have a lot of swelling by the end of the day, but I know it is normal and will go away with time. My incision looks good and my bellybutton is healing nicely. My doctor had me put a ear plug in my belly button and leave it there from now on. She said my breasts will take a good six weeks to really look good since she did a special kind of lift and implants need to settle as well. I also moved into spanx like compression garments and they are so much more comfortable. I will stay in those till around six weeks. As for the stretch marks, my doctor assured me they are old. She said new stretch marks would be red, purple, or at least pink. Mine were were very teeny tiny and above my belly button before so I didn't notice them since the skin was so destroyed anyways. When she pulled the skin down, the marks looked larger. Still, they are really not too bad. They are only noticeable very close up, and if anything I figure it makes my stomach look "authentic" ;-)

I wore jeans for the first time today, and although they were not super comfortable, they are fine for a far hours. My goal for the next six weeks is to take it easy and let my body heal! My second goal is to not gain a bunch of weight! Luckily my appetite has been a lot less and I have lost a few pounds so hopefully I can stay on track. It is hard not working out. I don't really miss it at this point because I know my body needs to rest, but I will definitely be ready to get back after Thanksgiving.

Happy Healing!

3 week post up

Saw my Dr. this morning and everything is going great! She was very happy with how nicely I was healing. She took the tape off my breasts and snipped a few loose stitches from the belly button and TT scar. Breasts are still healing, but she is very happy with where they are now. The lower part is still swollen and somewhat soft. She said that will change and they will look more "lifted" in the next few weeks. I got the go ahead to wear norma-lish bras. I won't be putting on underwire yet, but will get a bra better than the sleep bras for day time. Also got the go ahead to try some LIGHT workouts. I am going to take a gentle yoga class and see how that feels. I go back in a month for another check up! Still dealing with a lot of swelling my late day and night, but I love waking up flat in the morning! Going to try some silicone scar tape. I is really amazing to see how quickly everything heals. The first week was TOUGH, but now at 3w I feel very normal besides the swelling.

It's been 5 weeks, feeling great!!

I can't believe it's been five weeks! I am feeling great. Honestly, it is so surprising how quickly the healing happens. Saw my doctor about two weeks ago. I got the go-ahead to start some yoga, but I have been nervous (and lazy). I am definitely starting this week though. Going to take it super slow and just get into the routine of doing some type of workout again. I'm not planning to step back into the CrossFit gym till after Thanksgiving and even then I will take it super slow for at least a month or two.

Last week I moved into a underwire free normal bra during the day. I went to Victoria's Secret and measured at a 32 DDD but ended up ordering another online since they didn't have an underwire free in my size. The good news is I already have underwire bras in this size for when I am able to switch in a few months. While breastfeeding a toddler I was a 32 DDD, and dropped a size when I finished nursing. I saved all my old bras though!

I am really pleased with how my breasts are looking! The left breast, which was the bigger originally, still has a bit of swelling underneath dur to the extra lifting and lipo. They look nice, but still natural! The breasts are not lifted like when I wasa teenager, but surely a huge improvement from before surgery. I definitely prefer the natural look and the added fullness is a huge improvement.

My belly is getting better, but still has a section in the middle with more swelling and tenderness. The swelling has definitely improved over the last few weeks, but I still feel puffy all over. My bellybutton is looking pretty good. I had an ear plug in there for the last few weeks, but just switched to a marble. The shape of my scar looks a little crazy, but my doctor explained before hand that she does not go for a straight scar, because she would rather get a proper contour throughout the stomach and flanks. I am still wearing a spanx like compression garment full-time.

Sometimes I feel frustrated with the patience needed and slow progress, but then I remember how far I've come. I think I will feel better in a few months when I am back to my full on working out. It is hard to feel fairly normal, but not be able to work out like I used to which is a huge part of my routine.

2 months today!

Today marks the 2 month mark and I am feeling SO much better!! I kept waiting for the drive to work out again and it is finally here in the last week. Week 8 was a big turning point for me. I am attempting to step back in the Crossfit gym today at 9 weeks post op. A bit nervous, but going to take it SLOW. Figure I have to workout at some point, so here we go. My plan was to start after Thanksgiving around 9 weeks and hopefully be in the swing by the new year at the 3 month mark. I think those goals were realistic, we shall see.

At this point I am LOVING the results. My breasts are amazing!! Those were sorta a bonus and I didn't think they were that bad, but now with the new ones both my husband and I love them. I feel so much more confident! My super sore nipples have started to feel better in the last 2 weeks. Around the 7 or 8 week mark. Both my pectoral muscles started fuctioning normally around the same time.

My tummy is still somewhat sore and def swollen. I have started weaning off the compression garmet. I take it off for a good 4-6 hour chunk each day. I feel better with it on, but hate having to wear it all the time. My goal is to be done by the 3 month mark. My belly is looking flat overall, but I am ready to get back in the groove. I am ready to lean out, workout, and eat better. I have gained about 1 lb, but I feel thick and flabby. Ready to lift and get the muscle back.

The botox in my abs is strange. It was a good thing the past 2 months because it let my abs rest and heal faster. Now though my abs only engage about halfway and I am ready for them to work! My Dr. said it will wear off in another month. I know it is for the best since it forces me to not overuse my abs, but I am ready to actually HAVE abs again! Hopefully by summer!

I will post pics tomorrow am before the sweeling sets in :-)

2 month phots

Exactly 9 weeks today, just a few days pass the two month mark.

4 months post op - slowly healing!

I have been doing well for the most part. I feel great and have most of the feeling back in my stomach. Healing is a SLOW process though. I have been struggling with some bouts of depression which is a new thing for me. I know healing takes months and that I need to be realistic, but is bums me out that my belly button looks the way it does right now. I still have a dark scar around the belly button and swelling in the middle of my stomach. Someone please tell me this is normal and will get better! I know I still have 4 more months before summer, so I am hopeful things will look better.

I saw my Dr. about 2 weeks ago, for the first time in 2 months. She said everything looked great. She was super happy at how much more the breasts have lifted. The left looks almost completely normal. Right on target, she said it could take up to 6 months. I am SUPER happy with my breasts. I could not have asked for more. They look nice, but still natural. I got a lift, but with minimal scars! The size is PERFECT. They are a tiny bit bigger than they were, but mostly just better!

My Dr. injected a combo of some meds into my scars, especially at the belly button, to smooth and flatten them. Unfortunately this almost made me pass out and I did not ask her nearly as many questions as I had planned. I need to email for reassurance on my belly button. I still wear my spanx with a marble in my belly button maybe every other day for a few house. I am REALLY hoping the scars chill out.

Mostly feeling good and trying to be patient. I just looked at my before pics for the first time in months and thought, "wow, it was pretty bad, stop complaining!"

4 month photos

These were taken about 3 weeks ago

4 month photos

Let's try those photos again!

It's been 7 months!

Can't believe it has been 7 months since surgery! The first few months of recovery went by so slowly, but since then life has been busy.
-My belly button is STILL healing. I am a SLOW healer and scar tissue it tough on me. I know it just needs more time.
-Saw my Dr. last week. She is very happy with my progress! Agrees that my belly buttons needs more time to heal, but assures me that in another 6 months it will look normal and by next summer I will be ready to wear a bikini. In the meantime, she told me to use an moldable earplug (the plastic type, not foam) as a flat disc to keep pressure on my belly button. I have been keeping in on with a large bandage or my spanx when I am at home. She also told me to use silicone scar tape on the sides of my incision since they are still red and a bit raised.
-I got a high waisted VS suit for this summer, happy to be in a 2 piece for the first time in 10 years!
-I saw a new OB and she commented on how great my breasts and tummy look. One of the best she had seen! Even asked for my surgeons name. Made me feel good.
-I can't believe I considered not getting my breasts fixed. I feel SO MUCH BETTER with the new ones. The size is about the same. I was a 32DD and now I am 32DDD, but they are just firmer, rounder, and BETTER. After nursing for 8+ years I deserved those!
-I have been back my my old gym weights and exercises for a good 2 months now. For anyone else who Crossfits and is curious. For me it was a good 2 months with no Crossfit at all. Then 2 more months to ease into it. Seemed like forever at the time, but I am glad I let my body heal.
-My belly still feels tender, so I haven't done a ton of abs, but day to day it is fine.
-I have gained about 5 lbs since my surgery. Combo of less workouts due to schedule, eating more crap, busier lifestyle, and being in a bit of a funk. I am working my way out of it now!

Here were my pre surgery measurements :
Chest without bra : 35"
Chest in current bra : 36"
Natural high waist : 28"
Thickest part of waist (around belly button) : 32"
Love handle area : 35"
Hips : 38"
Current weight : 126-127
Bra size : 32DD (left breast fits, right has room)

Post surgery : (after gaining a few lbs too + lots of squats!)
Chest without bra : 36.75"
Chest in current bra : 37.5"
Natural high waist : 27.75"
Thickest part of waist (around belly button) : 30.25"
Love handle area : 34"
Hips : 39"
Current weight : 130-131 lbs
Bra size : 32DDD

That's it for now! Happy healing :-)

side by side, before and after

10 months post surgery

My body is still continuing to heal and look even better. My bellybutton has improved and I feel comfortable wearing a bikini. I know that next summer it will be completely healed and then I don't even think twice about it. I still have about 5 pounds I really should lose, but I am enjoying life and summer with the kids. Still feel very happy with my after results and much more comfortable in clothes. I still have a good bit of numbness in my stomach over all, but in the last few weeks it has gotten noticeably better. Excited to see how I recover further over the next few months
Dr. Nadia Blanchet

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