21 and Overjoyed! - Richmond, VA

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Hey everyone! So excited to be a part of this now...

Hey everyone! So excited to be a part of this now that things have become a reality and a support system of people who have experienced this (or will) would be nice! I'm 21 and a junior in college so squeezing this surgery in after exams and before my summer job was super nice and lucky. I am a 34DDD, 5'8, and about 150 lbs. I honestly can't remember when I got such large breasts. I feels like I just looked down one day and there they were. I used to brag about having big boobs but that lasted about a year before I realized how annoying they could be. Now I look at my friends with manageable boobs and all I can think about is how that is my future. I had my consultation in the beginning of March and earlier this week got the confirmation that my insurance will cover me so we made an appointment ASAP! I am a planner so I've been trying to find things that I should get before surgery to help my recovery go as smooth as possible but I'm having a hard time finding lists anywhere online. If anyone has suggestions about anything (bras, scar cream, food) I would really appreciate it! Thanks, and I'll post pics when I get a chance!:)
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