19 Yrs Old, 28FF/30G -Richmond, VA

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You all know the deal by now...I've had big boobs...

You all know the deal by now...I've had big boobs for a while now, they're painful, etc. etc. I'm 5'2, 115 pounds, and currently a 28FF/30G. I want to be a full B/low C cup because I feel that it will fit my frame. My plastic surgeon seemed to agree with me. I went to a consultation in the beginning of August, and got a call about two weeks ago saying that my insurance had approved me for a breast reduction, and I can't even begin to tell you how happy I was to hear that. I'm not sure how much they plan to cover though, will I find that out at the pre-op appointment? (Scheduled for Sept 21.) Or does being approved automatically mean that it's all going to be covered by insurance? I have United Healthcare btw. If anyone knows the answer please let me know :)

Surgery Was Today

Surgery went well. The surgeon said he took out as much as planned and that I should be a full B cup. I've been in and out of sleep all day and I've been pretty nauseous. The pain isn't too bad maybe a 6 out of 10. I also have drains which aren't too bad. People from school have been texting me all day and checking up on me which has been comforting. I will try to post pics tomorrow...hopefully I'll feel better.

Day 1 Post-op

Feeling a lot better today. I was only nauseous during the morning, but afterwards I didn't get nauseous anymore. I walked every hour just so that I wouldn't be sitting around all day. I'm getting the drains removed tomorrow. I also haven't had much of an appetite, but today I was actually able to eat solid foods. I haven't seen what my boobs look like without the bra and bandages, so I'm looking forward to seeing them tomorrow :) I like how the size looks so far based on what they look like in the bra. Everyone keeps telling me I barely have anything there lol but I don't mind. I'm happy with my decision so far, and I'm just anxious to see the results! That's all for now, let me know if you guys have questions. I will keep y'all updated.


Thought I would talk about the sleeping part of this process. I'm normally a stomach sleeper so this has been a big adjustment for me. When I don't sit up correctly I tend to feel pressure on my chest or my neck gets a cramp in it. So I would definitely suggest getting something that will support your neck. Once I get past sleeping while sitting up I think that I will sleep better. Also it is way more comfortable for me to sleep on the couch instead of in the bed. I usually take a pain pill before bed so that I won't wake up during the night. That is all I can think of right now, and hopefully I will have some pics to post after my appointment today

Drains are gone!

The drains are gone and honestly life is so much better without them! When my drains were being removed I had to take a deep breath and then when I exhaled she pulled them out. I didn't think it was too painful...maybe like a 4/10. I took a pain pill immediately after the appointment and I think that also helped me not feel a lot of pain. I'm starting to take a half of a pain pill so that I can stop being so dependent on them. At the appointment she told me I didn't have to sleep upright, just as long as I was leveled about 35 degrees. She applied some antibiotic ointment to the incisions which wasn't bad at all and then applied more gauze pads. I'm supposed to wear the surgical bra everyday until my two week checkup on October 18th. That didn't really bother me much because I planned on doing that anyways. I went to the store after the appointment and walked around and I felt fine and then I took a nap when I returned home. Everything feels good right now, just a slight pain but other than that everything is good. Ummm I think that's all I have to report right now. I have some pictures too for y'all :). As usual let me know if there are any questions.

1 week post op

It's been a week since surgery and I'm feeling pretty well. I only take Tylenol for my pain and I use aquaphor on the incisions. Everything seems to be healing pretty well. I get sharp pains here and there, but they're not that bad. The only thing that bothers me is the itchiness of the incisions, but hopefully that will end soon. Hmm the left boob is more swollen than the right but that's normal. Sleeping has been okay, I think I still have to get used to going to bed without the pain pills.

Two weeks post-op appointment

The appointment went well. I have to put pressure and warm washcloths on my left boob to get the swelling to go down. I can also start scar treatment using mederma. The great news is that I can sleep on my sides as long as I alternate sides. No bad news to report. The aquaphor really helped to close up the incisions. Oh and I don't need to use gauze pads and I can switch to sports bras now. I might post some before and after pics in clothes.

Three Months Post

I'm extremely happy with my decision and life is so much easier with smaller boobs! Clothes fit so much better and running is not such a hassle. I'm currently working on fading the scars, but they don't really bother me much. Once the scars really start to fade I will have another update. Thanks for all the positive feedback, and good luck to those who are starting their journey. Happy New Year!
Dr. John Zinsser

He is great at what he does and knows what he is doing. I hear many great reviews of him. He is informative and his staff members are really nice and informative as well. Every time I called with a question they picked up the phone and answered my questions very politely. The staff also make the experience very personal and ask you how you are doing, if there are any questions/concerns, etc. One time I called and I don't know how they knew it was me lol. I am happy with my results and overall experience so far.

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