Worse Than I Expected

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The technician was informative, but she didn't...

The technician was informative, but she didn't give details which I would have appreciated. She just said that it would hurt some during the procedure and that my skin would feel like a sunburn post-op. I wasn't given any numbing cream prior to the procedure and almost gave up during the 1st few minutes. It hurt so bad and I felt like I was going to pass out. I decided to push on and get through it, but it was awful pain. (better be worth it with the results!) I have felt bad, lethargic and very thirsty, for the two days since the procedure.

Today is 48hrs post-op and I think it's worse that the 1st day. My skin is so tight that I can barely move my mouth to eat and surely can't smile. I feel like if I tried to smile I would crack the skin all over my cheeks and mouth and it would start bleeding. I can barely get food in my mouth due to being unable to open my lips. I'm swollen and the color is still bad. I wouldn't be able to work today if I had to go.

The website for Pixel states that there's no downtime. That is a joke!! I have taken Benadryl the past two nights to help me sleep and feel groggy during the day. Immediately after the procedure I was still willing to get this done again at some point, but I have decided that regardless of the results, it isn't worth going through this again. I feel vain and realize that God gave me this skin and I chose to treat it without love during my teens and twenties. (sunbathing/tanning beds) I am coming to realize that I should be comfortable in my skin and that aging is a normal process. I am going to be more careful w/ sun exposure from now on and deal with aging skin. Putting yourself through this torment and cost isn't worth it.

I did this for fine lines and uneven pigmentation.

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