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I am on day 6 of tray 1/28 and slowly am starting...

I am on day 6 of tray 1/28 and slowly am starting to get used to wearing these all day/night. The one thing throwing me off are the elastics that I have to wear to fix my overbite, I was not expecting to have to wear these so trying to get used to both the plastic trays and the pressure/tightness that comes with elastics has been a challenge. So far I have not heard anything about having to wear attachments but am nervous that this might come up during my next appointment in January.

In terms of daily hygiene/habits, I've not had too much trouble with taking the trays off or putting them in, my teeth are a little sore in the morning and I think that's because I clench my teeth while sleeping. I have been popping some melatonin right before bed and that's been helping me sleep through the night. I find that is the easiest time to wear the aligners because they are on for 8+ hours without me touching them or taking them out. I do carry a little dental kit with me at all times that contains a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouth wash and ortho wax (this stuff is amazing!!). Will post pictures next week when I start tray 2!

Day 4, Tray 2

Well nothing too exciting to report on this tray. I put it on Friday night before bed as I've read that is the best way to get used to your new tray and so far I haven't had any problems. My first tray needed a lot of ortho wax because my lips were getting cut from the hooks for my elastics but so far I have not needed to use any on this tray....already looking forward to tray 3 and anxious to see some results.
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