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I had several sessions of Zeltiq spread over...

I had several sessions of Zeltiq spread over spring & summer 2011. Large and smaller applicator applied to upper and lower abdomen, flanks/waist left n right, plus upper and lower back bulges. Even inner thighs. The doctor marked me and a technician applied the applicators each visit. Probably about 30 pounds overweight at the time, apple shaped figure and my torso has been trouble for me my entire life. I considered lipo, but was drawn to the noninvasive aspect of this procedure w/ little down time as I am a healthcare professional w/ not much time off.

The office was clean and pretty, and more than happy to put hands in my wallet. A fool & his money are quickly parted, and this surgeon should have told me I was probably a better candidate for traditional lipo w/ my BMI at the time of service. I kept going back because initially it did seem like a bit came off, but in the end, nada. Procedure didn't hurt, just odd. Did have some itchiness and pins and needles on/off for about a week afterwards. Perhaps some mild cramping as well.

I have since revved up my home exercise routine and gotten on some topical hormone supplements and the weight seems to be moving off now. I am saving my money & my vacation time for the regular old liposuction to take care of whatever hateful fat rolls remain in the future.

Oh yeah, after spending all that money, each time I went back the doctor didn't even remember who I was or that I had it done previously. blah. He even recommended that I consider having it done on spots we had already done a few weeks before!

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