32GG to 32D (Hope) 5'7" 140lbs No Kids

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After menopause boobs blew up to 32GG Want my D...

After menopause boobs blew up to 32GG Want my D cup back AND be free of accompanying sore shoulders, neck&aback pain. Two visits w Dr Watts 2nd one to gain reassurances regarding procedure, size,projection and nipple placement. Though this is covered by MSP, it's my hope that Dr. Watts is sensitive to how a woman's body image matters even at my age, 66. I'm hoping for smaller 32D,perkier girls with good projection, no pancake boobies, PLEASE! Some I've seen here on Real Self are scarey looking!! Lordie please guide this surgeons hands. Thankyou????

Counting down!!

Five sleeps to go til I say hello to my new & improved boobs. I know my discomfort will be alleviated,but I'm a bit nervous, anxious ,praying for a beautiful result.I know it could be 6-12 months before I really know. Sigh.....

First day after reduction

Well it's done and I am so glad!????It wonderful to not have those pendulous breasts out front and weighing by me down. Dr Watts was amazing, she had another surgeon observing her technique as she marked me, which was
Great cause I got to hear her explaining exactly what and why she was doing things.
The nursing staff in prep and recovery at Delta Hospital are angels in uniform. They all work so hard and do an amazing job! Oh lordie I've been fighting nausea but it just took me, gotta go!???? YUK!!!
Ok.. The left breast still looks bigger but maybe that will settle down, hopefully. I get the drains out and tomorrow so will see the new girls then. I'm not sure when I'll post pics probably when I do my first tape change, stay tuned.

First day after surgery

Drains staying til Monday

I thought I'd be drain free after today but still too much drainage so that's ok, I don't mind waiting if it's what will help me heal best. Not sure about size yet, swelling is obvious and I had a bit of a bleed on the left which is why it looked bigger. Brie wanted my measures of drainage but at Hospital, when I asked if I needed to keep track I was told Dr Watts didn't require it so , no. Be aware she does and Brie wasn't impressed insisting she'd told me and given me a 'booklet' to track it. Not true, I didn't even know I'd have drains til I asked Dr Watts pre op, but she didn't believe me. Oh well...I WILL have the measures on Monday for Brie.

Drains out yesterday

Well taking out those horrid drains didn't hurt as much as I'd expected. Angie is very quick & efficient, she's so cute and nice.
So... hoping they will drop cause I look quite flattened out pushed up by surgical bra but I'm sure that'll happen as gravity forgets no one! When said I expected the upper pole fullness to disappear as it's probably swelling she said no possibly some but that most will remain, yippee and hallelujah Dr Watts!
My sides where lipo was done is still very tender and swollen, hopefully all that flattens out so my boobs don't spread under my arms as they're doing now. Patience is key I know so I'm not jumping any guns yet. I must say too that the sore burning spots in my shoulders are gone. It was constant but voila! Done! Love it. I sure am in better proportion now, feels great! Pretty happy girl!??

14 days post op

I'm told they'll round out and look more natural in time.

6 weeks post op

The scaring looks bad

9 weeks 2 days post op

Still watching for promised improvement in shape roundness , direction of nipples
Richmond Plastic Surgeon

I was very nervous on 2nd visit which was made worse cause I messed up time so I think Dr was annoyed but She did her best to reassure me and at some point one must put their faith in their surgeon, though I knew I must ask these questions before cause after surgery is TOO late. She did tell me a D cup was as small as she could do for me cause of my mass which is fine with me. She uses the lollipop method again,I'm happy with the smaller scars this leaves. I've made my hopes clear so now I'm in her skilled hands. I am nervous but excited as well. Wish me fabulous luck please, thx

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