Breast Reduction - Richmond, VA

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I went to a plastic surgeon end of April about a...

I went to a plastic surgeon end of April about a reduction. The doctor was super nice and said that I was a candidate. They submitted my paperwork and literally in 2.5 weeks I received a call that my insurance company approved my surgery. I scheduled it for June 24th and did my pre surgical lab work on 6/9. Surgery was cancelled literally while I was in the bed waiting due to my hemoglobin being a 7.5. It was way too low.
I have since went to a hematologist and received iron infusions and have been cleared for surgery. My new date is August 5 so I literally have a week and 2 days until the big day. I go back to the Hematologist August 3d for my pre-surgical blood work and I am a little nervous but I'm almost certain that my levels are up because I feel better. I will update next week.

Richmond Plastic Surgeon

He is a very sweet and gentle man. He cancelled my surgery because it wasn't safe for me even though I was super disappointed. I appreciate that he cares enough about his patients not to risk them for money.

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