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Hi everybody i've been on this site for a long...

Hi everybody i've been on this site for a long long time lurking and reading your wonderful stories and i figured its finally time for me to stare mine or at least start to. I'm 23 years old and I've always been known for two things being short (5'1) and having gigantic breasts. It all started when I was in the 3rd grade i woke up one morning in C cups and by the time i was in the 9th grade i was a 44ddd and until recently i thought i was in a 46/48ddd. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!!. Recently within the past month i finally built up the courage to go to a shop and get fitted. I've known that ddd wasn't my size seeing as how i was at the point to where i was wearing 4 of them for minimum support. However in no way shape or form did i expect what came out of her mouth to come...42O yes O as in omfg i need to do something about this!!! For years i've had to deal with extreme shoulder and neck pain not limited to and including bleeding from my shoulders and having to have abscesses drained from under my breasts. I love my body but the weight has gotten to be to much for me. I went to my dr and he recommended a reduction on numerous occasions and i'm finally starting to take his advice but i'm still quite terrified of being put under. I just want to have this done and finally be free to live my life without restrictions or being stared at like i'm some sideshow freak.
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