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I had rhinoplasty in 2001. The tip was...

I had rhinoplasty in 2001. The tip was disproportionately large for the bridge of the nose, so I had a tip revision in 2002. It cost about $7000 for the two surgeries combined.

It took about 1-1/2 years for the swelling to completely subside and for the final result to show.
I would give my nose a B (but pre-surgery I would have given it a C-). I wish the bridge were straight -- it dips in a tiny bit too much for my taste. The tip is much improved but the right side is a little more pointed than the left side. These things are very noticeable to me, but I'm not sure how noticeable they are to others (probably not very).

Make sure they don't take off too much -- I am very glad that I don't have one of those indented lines between my nostrils -- I've seen this with people who have rhinoplasty and I assume this means the surgeon has thinned it too much.

I think doctors tend to do basically the same nose each time -- look carefully at the surgeon's photos!

Dr. J

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