Totally Worth It- Go for It

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I had a deviated septum which effected my...

I had a deviated septum which effected my breathing a bit-so I went to an ear nose throat doc- who fixed my breathing and made my hook/beek less of a hook beek- its not a drastic change- but looks much better than it did- i was scared of the pain- just a little discomfort for a few days- black swollen eyes and a cast device over the top of the nose-actually went to work with it on- its not bad at all..

I have always been uncomfortable with my profile and I finally got up the guts to have my deviated septum fixed and at the same time the beek/hook straightened a bit-it was covered through my insurance so only paid 250 for the deductable- doc also made it a little smaller. I feel better- I feel more comfortable- I'm 44 so I waited quite a long time- dont wait- I recommend- the sooner the better- I would have paid thousands if insurance didnt cover- and it still would have been totally worth it- so dont wait- go for it- you will be glad...

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go for it- totally worth it- almost no pain- black eyes for a week- went to work with it- no problem- dont wait another year..

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