Nose Job Well Worth It!

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This was a long time ago - 20 years, I am sure the...

This was a long time ago - 20 years, I am sure the doctor is dead by now.    I did it because mu nose was a little too wide for my face and the tip dipped down when I smiled, two things my uncle was kind enough to point out to me at age 16.

What did we (my mom helped me) do right?  We went to the best doc in town, touted to have worked on Cher.  Did he really?  Who knows - but he had his reputation at stake.  He was an older guy with a lot of nose jobs under his belt.  He had no personality and was actually rude, but what can you do.  He was confident in himself and his work to tell me what I can and what I cannot have - I think a lot of doctors promise a "sculpted" nose - and it turns out weird.  I let the doctor give me a nose that looked natural for my face.

The first time, there was an unexpected bump (some sort of soft tissue) that he had to get rid of in a second surgery.  The bump is still there but ever so slight and nobody notices it (well, I don't!) and to be honest, my nose is a little uneven at the tip, it is noticable at a certain angle from above - I don't care, I am so very happy with the nose I have after the surgery.

My point?  Don't expect perfection, expect something much better.  Go to the best, and ask questions.  Ask how many surgeries they have done.  Ask what type of complications can arise with the type of nose job you are getting, and what the options are for remedying them.

Good luck!

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