Is It Possible to Get a Soft "Natural" Looking Nose? Kind of Happy.

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OK I had this done when I was around 19 and now 8...

OK I had this done when I was around 19 and now 8 years later I'm confused. My nose is DEFINATELY better then before and at times I like it (mostly in the morning when it's fuller). But I still think it's too long from the side. The profile is nice BUT in pictures my nose still looks long or "big" from the side which it shouldn't considering I had it done. Then the funny part is that it's too thin or "small" from the front.

My nose was fuller back when it was first done but now it's totally thinned out as I aged and you can see the lines around the tip - which looks too thin in my opinion and also a little crooked. If my head is down - the view is awful..I try avoiding putting my head down in front of people because of this. The nostril on 1 side is weird too. My nose always looks funny when I wear glasses..I think they bring attention to the flaws you might miss if I didn't wear them.

I definately am glad I went through with this but wish I hadn't been so shy the 1st time around and showed the doctor what I really wanted..a soft nose with a bigger tip (ie. Alison Lohman's nose) as opposed to a thin that even possible with a nosejob..?

I would love a revision but wouldn't even consider it unless I knew the doctor was an expert at revisions which would mean it would cost alot and I'm just not in a position to afford that :(

Most people say my nose is ok but I think it's just to appease me and honestly my nose is not horrible - it's "ok"..just not great. And taking pictures is the worst part..if someone takes a candid pic I never know how it will certain lighting the lines don't show but in full view..eek.

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I don't really know if the problems I have are from a bad job or just the way my nose changed as it thinned out so I won't recommend at this point.

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