Rhinoplasty Due to a Hereditary "Hook-like" Nose

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I went through with Rhinoplasty due to a...

I went through with Rhinoplasty due to a hereditary "hook-like" nose.

I have found this to be a pleasant experience, with no pain and little discomfort involved. My bandage came off today, and even though there is a little asymmetrical swelling, and bruising I am beyond pleased with it. The difference it has made already, is tremendous. I was very lucky to have found such a brilliant surgeon!

The only con for me when it comes to this procedure, is waiting to be able to get back into physical exercise.

I have always been a very active person, and it's now been exactly one week after my Rhinoplasty which means it's now been 7 days where I have done no physical exercise. I'm already feeling sluggish and I'm finding I'm not sleeping as well as I used to. My question is, how long should I wait until I get back to my running? If this won't be possible for a while, can I use machines like the Ab Circle Pro for a few minutes a day and take short walks? I realize I should be resting but I'm finding slothing out rather difficult. Thanks.
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon

Anyone in Melbourne looking for a plastic surgeon, I could not sing more of this mans praises. He makes you feel comfortable about the whole procedure, is very open and honest about the expectations you should have and answers any and all questions honestly. In fact, everyone I came into contact with at his Surgery was an absolute delight and has made this entire experience a very comfortable one. I felt absolutely no pain at any point, and now, at only a week after my surgery, I am already absolutely satisfied with the job he did on my nose. I have highly recommended him to my close friends and family and know many of them will be booking consultations after seeing how well my procedure turned out.

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