Rhinoplasty revision surgery EXCEEDED ALL MY EXPECTATIONS!!!!

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Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jacono recently preformed a rhinoplasty revision procedure on me and to say the least, the results have exceeded my expectations!!! The only way that I can describe my new nose,...is a perfect, adorable nose that was meant for MY face. I received my first nose job at the age of 18 and without going into to much detail, was left with a tip that can be best described as deflated ball that drooped down when I smiled, which putting it mildly, left me very self conscious about my smile. I am now 36, and before meeting Dr. Jacono in February of 2016 for a Fraxel co2 lasor procedure (which was amazing!!), never dreamt that I would meet a surgeon with the skill and pure talent to be able to preform the complicated and delicate revisions needed to correct the overall shape of my nose. When I look in the mirror, for the first time, I see my eyes, my cheek bones, my smile and a nose that just fits in perfectly, unique to me and my features!! During my lasor recovery, I was fortunate to have the privilege to get to know Dr. Jacono and experienced first hand the time and care he puts into each and every patient. Dr. Jacono skills and pure talent are obvious but what makes Dr. Jacono almost to good to be true, is his humility and heart of gold. On a follow visit, while I was thanking Dr. Jacono for truly changing my life, I became a bit emotional...at that moment, I saw the kindness in his heart and how much he cares about improving the quality of his patients lives, not only on the outside but on the inside. I will forever be grateful to have met and have had the privilege of being one of his patients. Lastly, my sister is having her rhinoplasty revision surgery in less then a month and is beyond excited!!

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