4 Nose Jobs

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My first surgery of the four was a complete...

My first surgery of the four was a complete disaster and a waste of money. I went to a surgeon and I was very ill informed and did not do my research. My nose looked exactly the same after the surgery and never change over the year period frame of swelling commonly said to take place to see the final result.

A year and a half later I had another Rhinoplasty done by a different surgeon. Everything went good and my nose was drastically different. I noticed few imperfections at first but a year and a half later I noticed alot. I had a bumb that appeared on my nose and I could actually push it down and it would go away. also my tip looked very round but it didn't match everything. So I had another Rhinoplasty done from a another surgeon. The shurgery went great and he told me that the previous surgeon had put a full implant in my nose from the tip to the bridge. Wicth I was never told by that surgeon that he was going to do that. Anyway that was the reason for my bumb and bulbous tip. He also refined everything and it came out great.

Then six months later I noticed my tip dropping so I had the same surgeoun go in and retouch it. I expected to have him retouch it due to the fact that the huge graft that was previously in my nose was hiding the overall shape of my nose. Overall It was def worth it.

I'm still only six months out from the last one but my nose is so drastically different and pleasing now. I still have a way to go with the swelling but my nose compared to my original nose is so fantastic.

Just remeber perfection isn't attainable because it doesn't exist in the natural world. Imperfections are what makes us unique and beautfiul. Thats why with identical twins there is always a more attractive one even though they look exactly the same. Slight changes and variations in a face can make it more attractive. But there are def variations that can be fixed to achieve happiness. That is a valuable lesson I've learned through this process.

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