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I wanted rhinoplasty since about the age of 13,...

I wanted rhinoplasty since about the age of 13, when all of a sudden, a large flat shelf started growing across the bridge. People always asked me if my nose was broken, and I would angrily answer "NO" without knowing that I actually had, in fact, broken my nose at some point without realizing it. So when I consulted an ENT for chronic bronchitis and pneumonia at age 30, I was actually very happy to learn that I would need sinus surgery and that I also had a deviated septum and a broken bridge. So now, at age 33, after having had rhinoplasty three years ago (done by a plastic surgeon) - I also regret having it done, only for the fact that I didn't trust my gut instinct when I disapproved of the surgeon's attitude towards me. Now, my nose doesn't have a flat hump over the bridge anymore, but the surgeon also went against my wishes, which we repeatedly discussed, to leave the rest of my nose alone. He narrowed the tip, and scooped out so much cartilage that I actually have pockets on the inside of the tip, which are chronically infected. He also narrowed it to a point on one side of my nose, so that looking at it from the front, it bends off to one side like a banana. It honestly looks like a banana - because he left the width of my bridge as it was, but narrowed the tip, which created a narrow-wide-narrow cartoon of a nose that bends severely to one side (it did not before surgery). I would go back to have it re-done, but I am so scared to confront this guy because of how he treated me the first time. So now, I'm planning to have it fixed by another surgeon, at twice the expense of the first surgery. What a nightmare.
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