Rhinoplasty experience

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Calgary Facial Plastic Surgeon

Had a Rhinoplasty with Dr. Zakhary 2.5 years ago. My Rhinoplasty did not turn out well. My tip and septum don't align properly. Now when I smile my nose makes a curved shape. My tip ended up with some weird dent in it giving me an unbalanced tip which really shows up in pictures. When I went to her with this concern a year later as i wanted all the swelling to go down first, she told me if I operated on my nose again I would turn out like "Micheal Jackson" and that i was crazy. She became total opposite from when I first met her for my initial consult. If I did decide to do the revision she told me she would "squeeze me in between her other surgeries".This turned me off from her completely. If she couldn't get it right the first time, I doubt she could it right the second time. Her revision rate is low because she scares her patients with her Micheal Jackson line. My advice to people who are looking to get Rhinoplasty done, interview at least 4 doctors before deciding on one.

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