Rhinoplasty with Chin Implant-I Feel Like I Look Like a Witch!

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I am 44 years old and finally decided to have...

I am 44 years old and finally decided to have rhinoplasty to remove the hump on my nose. When I had my MD consultation, he also recommended a chin implant. I had never considered a chin implant, but he said that it would lend more balance to my face. I am 3 weeks post-op and feel a bit conflicted about the choices I made. My hump on my nose seems to be gone, but I have so much swelling that it still looks like my nose is "curved." My husband is worried about how large my chin is, and I am afraid that I made a mistake with the large chin, and nose that still sort of curves down (I was hoping to have a straight nose, with mild chin changes) When we discussed the procedures, I communicated that I did not want a scooped out nose or to end up looking like a pig, but I definitely did not want the hump there...now I am wondering if my MD was a bit too conservative with the rhinoplasty, plus I feel stuck with this massive chin (it is the smallest, and had a cleft in it, since my natural chin had a cleft in it too)
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The MD was kind and honest

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