8 days since nose surgery and I'm so unhappy

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8 days since nose surgery and im so unhappy

My recovery is going well healing nicely but I'm just unhappy with the results not what I expected, I had a bump on my nose and needed tip lifting but the tip looks big now and still a bump it's just smaller, I feel horrible

3 weeks after surgery, feeling a littleā€¦

3 weeks after surgery, feeling a little happier, hoping it straightens out more!! Still feels tight, middle seems to be more swollen then the rest which is resulting in a bump still being there, but over all it's better then it was.

4 weeks after surgery

In certain angles my nose looks better, still has a bump better looks better then it did hopefully it keeps improving

Before and after closed rhinoplasty

Before and after, I'm not happy with the results as nose still looks big and I'm hoping the bump is just swelling!
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