28 y/o nose improvement

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28 y/o nose improvement

I knew once I found a surgeon, my journey would officially begin. I decided to share my experience, one because I'm scared and two, because I'm excited. My ultimate goals at the end of all this is to have a straight even nose with a smaller tip.


Finally have my consultation this Monday and I get to meet my surgeon and find out exactly how much this is going to cost! I hope I get good vibes from him since I was referred to him by an ENT. I'm very excited and hope that everything goes good so I can schedule my surgery as soon as possible. I have been reading a lot of rhino blogs on here about individual recovery stories and post op pros and cons. I think as long as I'm stocked up on the essentials I will feel.comfortable. the pain isn't a big concern of mine since it will obviously hurt, like everyone I just want to know the end result. And that part will be most difficult since I am the most impatient person ever! Here are some more unflattering pics of my before.

Two weeks until Surgery!!

Went to the surgeons office on Monday and I felt so comfortable with my choice in surgeon. He was so friendly and informative. He even showed me before and after pics of patients with my sane nose structure. I'm am beyond excited and ready to do this!! I'm nervous about the after care and hope I get everything I need before. Only two more weekends with this nose. I can't believe it!! I have waited for so long!!

One day!

Oh my goodness I am so excited and nervous! I can't believe I only have one more day with this nose. I'm beyond ready for this. I have wanted to have this surgery since middle school. I really cannot explain how I feel about this and how ready I am for this change. I know it will make me a happier person by not being so self conscious about my nose anymore. I hope I have everything I need. I ordered Arnica gel to help with bruising. It will be here on surgery day so that's a relief. Next post from me will be after surgery! So exciteddddddddd

Day one post op

Of course I knew the first day would be uncomfortable, and it is. Luckily my husband is a great care taker and is waiting on me hand and foot. My biggest complaint is how swollen my eyes are. They are almost swollen shut and watery. The bleeding and drainage from nose isn't bad. And neither is changing out the pad. I am however, super excited about the way my nose looks so far. The nostrils are smaller and there's no more hump! I know that the final outcome will be a million times better than what I had before. And there is no way I'm going through this process again!!! Photos to come later.

3 days post op

Omgoodness the first two days were rough. Only breathing out of my mouth has been the hardest part as well as swallowing. I knew it was going to be painful, which it is, it's just manageable, but the breathing is just ridiculous. Luckily I have the best husband who changed my bandage 2 times every hour the first day and less frequent the second as well as gave me my meds on time. Gosh he's so awesome. Anywho, now here I am on day three and I feel so much better, sound like a balloon animal, but I feel better. I really don't want to post pics cause I look atrocious! But oh well. I know it's important to other people's journey so I will.

5 days post op!

These 5 days flew by! Sleeping is still pretty rough waking up with a super dry mouth is no fun. But I only have one more night of it cuz I get everything taken out and off tomorrow! I'm so excited to see what's under this cast! I know it won't be the final product but I just want it to be a big change, ya know.

1 week post op

Yesterday I got my cast off and omg that was more painful than anything about this surgery!!! Omg I wanted to die!!!! My nose hurt so bad for rest of the day it was awful! But what wasn't awful was nose! It is so straight I love It! The tip is super swollen which I knew it would be, it makes my nose look wide but whatever I know it will go down eventually. I know that this surgery was worth it and I feel like a knew person already. I went back to work today and no one noticed at all! Which I like because I dont wanna talk to people about my choice to have this done. I just wanted my nose straighter with a smaller tip and I know that is what I got. I don't feel self.concious anymore about my profile and that is a great feeling!!!

10 days post op

Now that bus had been a few days since the cast came off m y nose is starting to look the same to me. I know there is still swelling but I'm nervous it is going to look the same. I need some opinions other than my sister lol

14 days Post Op

Still waiting for all the swelling to go down. My tip is still numb and super sensitive to the touch. I know it takes awhile for all the swelling in the tip to go down so since it's still numb I know it's not done. I am just super impatient right now.

Impatiently waiting

I'm having a hard time over here. While I can see the difference in my nose, there are still issues that I'm not happy about. My tip still looks big and the bump that I wanted gone looks like it's still there. I know people have said it will look like that for a little bit but it's still bothersome. I haven't even posted pics on my fb because it still looks the same to me. Even though I just wanted minimal changes I wanted them to count ya know. Idk I am.going to try to see if I can get an earlier appointment with my surgeon to talk about this.

Before and afters

Dr. Minton

He was very nice and made me feel very comfortable. He explained everything in detail about the procedure and was very confident he could achieve my expectations.

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