Primary Rhinoplasty, So Far, Not the Best Results

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Primary Rhinoplasty, So Far, Not the Best Results

As of today I am about 7 weeks post op primary rhinoplasty. I had a dent in my right side fixed (and the dent was everted, or popped out, no graft was necessary) and a deviated septum. 9 days post op I noticed a significant difference in my nostrils which are now VERY assymetric. As always, Drs. on here, as did my own, advise that time is the key factor. Im starting to think that's just a go to answer. Although I know time does play a part, I highly doubt that time is going to make my nostrils the same. There is a bump that has formed which was also there at 9 days post op due to sutures popping out twice, but it's no longer due to any sort of swelling, it's just there. It actually goes from the acute inside of my columella to the roof of my left nostril making it appear smaller. As of now, no, I'm not happy with the outcome of my rhinoplasty. My Dr. said he can go back in under local anesthesia, in 6 months. I saw Drs. on here mention that if nostrils started out assymetrical then that may explain it, thing is, mine were only slightly assymetrical, and now they are VERY assymetrical. My left is almost half the size of my right. I also find it odd they would mention that, seeing as how this is a surgery that's supposed to FIX those issues, not contribute to them. I'm super depressed, as a surgery that's supposed to boost my confidence, has only made me feel more insecure.

So far I am told that the bump is very much…

So far I am told that the bump is very much due to bad scarring. Only time will tell at this point. Although it is not ideal, I do like everything else about my nose, other than that. It feels like my columella is straight, it's just the bump on the inside making it look crooked. My profile and tip have both greatly improved which were my main goals. I guess one thing to keep in mind, is that no elective surgery is a guarantee. Always hope for the best but be prepared for possibly the worst. I'm certainly hoping that I won't need a revision of any kind, but we'll see. I'm going to heed advice I've been given and be patient. I still have more post op appointments so I will update on an as needed basis pending the outcome of my appointments.

I Dont Have Much to Say. It is What it is.

The dent on right side was corrected, but now has resulted in pulling the right nostril high. It's not so noticeable in person, but as you can see, very noticeable in photos. The scar tissue will be removed in May, a date that got moved significantly forward (from September) because I started experiencing an odor in my left nostril. My surgeon insisted that it's not infection. Apparently accompanied with scar tissue, the high right side, has also pushed my columella towards the left. Although some things were improved during this primary surgery, other things were made worse... the downfall of an elective surgery, I guess. I'm trying to be optimistic, but I'm thinking my hopes to not need a revision, are far fetched. I'm going to ask my surgeon in May, if the excision under local anesthesia can also encompass making my nostrils look at least somewhat symmetrical.

3/4ish Picture

I just realized that the only pictures I've provided are up close ones to show discrepencies. Here's a further away, 3/4ish view of the left side.

Traded One Scar for Another

Had my scar revision last Wednesday. As of now, I have traded one scar for another and my nostrils are not even close to looking symmetrical still. I will give it a few more months to see if it tones down before I post my final review and after picture about this procedure. So far, my results are less than ideal. And for the sake of not having an ugly scar and asymmetric nostril, I would take my little upturned, dented nose, back any day.
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