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Revision rhinoplasty after rhinoplasty abroad


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15 Sep 2016

Updated, 5 months ago

Revision rhinoplasty after rhinoplasty abroad

I had a rhinoplasty done abroad a few years ago and was unhappy about the appearance of my nose. The original operation had given me a scooped out look as the surgeon had removed to much cartilage. He had also narrowed my nose and this had given me difficulty breathing. I had heard very positive things about Mr Matti and his experience in revision rhinoplasty. During my initial consultation, he listened to all my concerns about my nose. He talked through how he would try and correct the problems with the appearance and breathing difficulties. On the day of the operation, he was very friendly and reassured me. The surgery went well and I was discharged home the same day. His team were in touch and very supportive afterwards. The splint was removed after a week and I could see the immediate improvement in the look of the nose. The thing that was amazing was that I could breathe through my nose again. The swelling took some time to settle and I am delighted with the result.