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15 Sep 2016

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I had both functional and aesthetic issues that needed to be addressed. I had a badly deviated septum and a nose that, well--how to say?--needed some work. I discussed the issues with other surgeons. I walked away from those discussions troubled because the others seemed to understand either the functional issues or the aesthetic ones but not both. Fortunately, I at length found Dr. Jacono who is certified as an ENT and Plastic Surgeon. His understanding of the functional and aesthetic issues inspired enormous confidence. On the aesthetic side, as a middle aged man, I did not want to fundamentally alter the structure of my face, I did not, in short, want a "nose job" look. Dr. Jacono surpassed all expectations that I had. He corrected my functional issues--I can breathe again! And his artistry and skill in reshaping my nose yielded a subtle, natural look of EXACTLY the sort I had hoped. His really is an extraordinary talent. I cannot thank him enough nor recommend him highly enough.