The Results Seem to Take Several Months - St. Louis, MO

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Personally, I had pretty good results with...

Personally, I had pretty good results with Lipodissolve. The side effects that everyone talks about-- well, the people at Fig *did* warn me that stuff would happen. The pain, the swelling, the discomfort. I went into it expecting that stuff to happen. I will say that they did seem to underestimate the pain. They said to take tylenol. But it REALLY HURTS. They ought to prescribe heavy pain-killers. That's the only real complaint that I have. They don't seem to understand how much it hurts!! They told me LipoDissolve would not make me lose weight and that the results could take months to show up. They were right. It's not a weight-loss treatment. The doctor told me this procedure is best for fairly thin people who have stubborn pockets of fat. I am not overweight, but had belly fat that I could not get rid of. It took several months for the lumps under my skin to go away. It was a gradual process. Now it's been almost a year and my stomach is flat. (You won't see results in a week!!) I can't say it will work for others, but I'm glad I had it done.
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