Restyline Made Me Look Like a Pig

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I had my Restylane done yesterday in my nasolabial...

I had my Restylane done yesterday in my nasolabial wrinkles.

Up to now I look like a pig: I have two hard balls under my nose which cause all my face to look swallen. I hoped it was just temporary and would get away but after 36 hours it's still the same, not le least improvement.

I am desperate.


Updated: November 1, 2008

swelling is almost gone, but I still have big bumps under-skin , I thought the filler would go just under the wrinkle, not under the whole area around the wrinkle! It's been 4 days now. I hate it. I think the communication with the doctor was poor, they should have told me how it worked and which possible complications I could have experienced, instead they told me I would be a little red in the first day and perfect the day after! Far from being so.

Viv Beauty

they told me only the wrinkles would get filled, instead I find myself with these hard bumps like small balls under the nose. Nobody mentioned this possibility. I am mad.

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