Restylane is Good for Fine Lines, Great for Under the Eyes!

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*Treatment results may vary

I've had Restylane injections three times now...

I've had Restylane injections three times now – twice in my nasiolabial folds and also last month in the hollows under my eyes.

I think the Restylane results for the nasolabial folds were good overall. The first time I got Restylane I bruised pretty badly and stayed that way for close to a month. This wasn’t a desired result obviously but it could be covered up by makeup. The injections themselves hurt but the area wasn’t too tender afterwards, even with the bruising.


I was happy with the look but at the time I didn’t really think Restylane was worth it (costs, bruising, time, etc). However, on the advice of my doctor I went back one more time six months later and was much happier with the results. Everything in the treatment was identical but this time the folds were much less pronounced. I also think it lasted longer.

It took me a while to find a doctor who would do the Restylane injections under my eyes (my normal doctor said no) but I finally found one about an hour away from me. So far I like what I see and there hasn’t been much bruising. Also, injections under the eye are supposed to last up to a year – twice as long as my NL folds – so I’m excited about that!


Both areas are what I consider my problem areas but for the same cost I am glad I can get longer lasting results. For that reason I will probably stick with the under eye Restylane and look elsewhere for a NL fold fix, assuming this pans out like it’s supposed to.

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