Restylane is a Great Under-eye Fix - Montgomery, AL

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I had really bad under-eye hollows (my tear...

I had really bad under-eye hollows (my tear troughs) and it was nothing I did and didn’t do - just genetics. I think this is the most frustrating thing because I had to work with what I was given from God. This is something I dealt with for so many years and especially not being very old it was horrible to already feel like I was 50 or 60.

I did so much research and talked to so many different people about my options, everything from blepharoplasty and fat injections to skin creams and miracle cures. I was just so afraid to do anything drastic that might make it worse. Eventually I found a doctor who sold me on Restylane, partially because it will last (not like just putting concealer on, which doesn’t work by the way) and partially because it wouldn’t last. I didn’t want to be stuck with a bad result anymore than no result!

Thankfully, it made a huge difference. The procedure wasn’t bad at all (I recommend not staring down the needle as it gets close) and I could see results the day I left the office. There were some side effects with water retention and my face puffing up but nothing compared to how I used to look. Also, because the injections are deep under my eyes, this is lasting longer than Restylane anywhere else I could have gotten it. I am well into the nine-month promise and still going strong.

I know Restylane is not my final solution but I am very happy with it now. If I go for it a couple times and am still pleased with my new look, I might start researching other procedures. But for now, I’m quite happy.
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