Restylane: Very Painful!

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My sister and I signed up for Restylane at a...

My sister and I signed up for Restylane at a Women's Expo. 

We both wrinkled fairly young and have the folds by our noses, creases to the sides of our bottom lip, and almost no upper lift. 

I was amazed at the pain from the injection (no numbing was used).  It took one full tube to do the folds by my nose (at $400.00 per tube) and another full tube for the folds to the right of my bottom lip.  I could notice a little (and I stress a little) difference, but not $800.00 worth. 

From all that I had read about Restylane, I thought it would have worked much better than it did.  My sister had her upper lip injected with hardly any result.  The result from the injections by the sides of her mouth made her jowls appear larger.  We bothI thought it was a ripoff! 
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