Hate Restylane

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I had restylane injections under my eyes about a...

I had restylane injections under my eyes about a year and a half ago. I ended up with a large bump under one eye and a small one under the other which not only looks curious but makes me look tired. My doctor blamed it on swelling. He advised massaging the area to help even out the distribution of the Restylane and also to help with the swelling. I've done this religiously for many months with no success.

I hear complaints about it not being worth it because the difference is insignificant or because it only lasts 2 months, 4 months, 6 months. I wish I could say the difference is insignificant - I wish my under-eyes were the way they were before the Restylane. I got into trouble by thinking that Restylane is just a temporary filler - if I didn’t like it it would dissolve away in a few months. - maximum a year. But I believe it has done irreparale damage.

A year and a half later and this “temporary” filler has taken up permanent, lumpy residence in the areas under my eyes.  All this and the expense and painful shots, too. Who could ask for more.

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