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My lips had always been small for my face, and...

My lips had always been small for my face, and seemed lacking in volume to boot. In researching how to fix this, the reviews on Restylane were polarized about how much it actually augmented, but promising enough for the cost/downtime that I tried it anyway. Boy I am I glad I did! I was expecting subtle, ultimately not-what-I-wanted-but-let-me-try-to-see-if-I-liked-it results, and instead I got lips full, close to perfect lips. The doctor I went to seemed to be a highly skilled injector, and my lips are BEAUTIMOUS now.

The doctor used topical numbing cream, and then a dental block, so I felt next to nothing while the restylane was being injected. After the numbing wore off in 4 hours, my lips were somewhat sore and it was painful if more than superficial pressure was applied (so no kissing yet, ha!), but I expect this to dissipate soon and it's rather mild as pain goes.

I'm writing this and posting an 'after' picture about 9 hours after the injections (I used maybe 3/4ths of a 1.0 syringe). If my lips deflate significantly over the next couple of days, I'll modify my review, but right now I'm very pleased with my results :)

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