Still Not Sure, Not Much Bang for the Buck

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I had a small amount put into two pronounced...

I had a small amount put into two pronounced wrinkle/acne scar lines below my mouth about 2 weeks ago and I think I like it BUT- I have many deep acne marks that are now pronounced due to age (I'm 55) a bit and I'm not so sure this stuff "held". I am allergic to all kinds of stuff so I asked for only a tiny amount of the Restalane. Initially (2-3 days out) I could tell the difference as the two pronounced areas were smooth but gradually, it seems to have gone away. However, I had so many of these areas, its kind of hard to tell if now I'm just noticing the other areas more. The experience was no big deal- I had a novacaine type gel put on for about 40 minutes first so the pain during injection was far less than dental novacaine. Aftermath consisted of some tiny amount of tenderness, ZERO swelling or bruising. So the jury is out on this but overall I don't think the tiny amount I had put in was worth it.

Updated on Sep 17, 2008
I made a comment on this site right after I had the treatment about 7 months ago and didn't think it was worth the money at that time. But I have to say after 7 months, it was worth it, although I doubt I'll do it again unless I come into some extra money! I had 2 deep scar/wrinkle areas done near the side of my mouth, near my chin (not the marionette line area) and 7 months later, its nice that I still have not had those lines return. Absolutely no side effects after the procedure, no bruising, minimal discomfort during the procedure- similar to getting novacaine. So I would do it again if I had the money. Too bad its so expensive!!
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