Restylane 7 Days Ago on Nasolabial Folds and Marionette Lines

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I just don't think it is worth it, I think after 3...

I just don't think it is worth it, I think after 3 vials I should of had a lot more of a difference.. Just don't see it, and my husband thinks the lines are back.. He thinks they are going to actually redo it, I tried to explain there is no guarantees.. However, Under my left eye is still swollen or that is where all the Restylane went?

I wanted to get Radiesse, but my husband was thinking about cost and such..

Actually, it would of been cheaper in the long run either way to go ahead and have Radiesse done. First they tell you 1 vial then 2 and then the doctor comes in and it is 3 vials. Did not like the fact, the only time I got to see my doctor was when the procedure was being done.. All the consult was with the Esthetician..

Tell you if there is a positive change in the future.. But since they said it was immediate results.. Not happy..

Plastic Surgeon

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