Restylane Made Me Miserable

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I got Resty injected in my lips and also in the...

I got Resty injected in my lips and also in the fine lines around my mouth. The whole thing was horrible and I am positive I will not do this again. Funnily enough I didn’t have a problem when I was with the dermatologist. In the chair I hardly felt a thing and I went home feeling very pleased with myself. I couldn’t see results due to swelling but I thought this was normal. However by that night I was in agony. My entire face hurt and my body was feeling it too. I tried to eat dinner that night and vomited everything back up. I actually thought I had a stomach flu coming on at the worst possible time. My hubby ushered me off to bed with promises that I’d feel better in the morning. The next morning I kept some toast down but that was all I wanted to do all day.

My head was pounding and I don’t know if I slept wrong but my face was all swelled up. I had to attribute this to the Resty because no stomach flu makes your face look like a balloon. Hubby called the dermatologist and asked about allergic reactions, then ran out the door to get a prescription for me. The horror show cleared up in just under a week but I will never, ever do this again. Even if I excuse the pitiful recovery, none of which I was told about by the way, the Resty has done horrible things to my face too. I have lumps - not big ones but I shouldn’t have any, should I? I think these are actually staying in my face longer than the restylane because my fine lines have already started reappearing. In short: No, I would NOT recommend anyone do this!

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