Had Some Uneven Bumps but Like the Results

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I have had Restylane injections done twice and I...

I have had Restylane injections done twice and I have always liked the results. I had my NL folds and my upper lip done both times. The results don't seem to last for 6 months though. I had only had two problems with Restylane. There were noticeable lumps in my the folds and my lips. Not terrible but noticeable. The second thing was that a couple of months later I broke out with these tiny white pimples exactly where the Restylane was put. Weird. They went away though. The process wasn't painful because my doctor used a nerve block under my upper lip and still used a freezing spray. I never felt a thing. The numbing shot did hurt a little bit. Today I tried Juvaderm with a new doctor. He only charges you for what you have injected and not the entire syringe. So I got my NL folds and center crease between my eyebrows for $175. I skipped on my lips because I wanted to see how this works for me. PLUS he only used a numbing cream and it stung more than with the other doctor. So far so good. I don't know how I will react to having my lips done with no lidocaine. So far so good - No real bruising or problems.
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