Used As a 'Guinea Pig'

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I am a nurse and so is my girlfriend. She is...

I am a nurse and so is my girlfriend. She is being trained to do Restylane injections and so used my face for practice (the entered cost is bogus but was required to post). The clinical educator for the company showed her many techniques on using this filler on my face. Three things to highly recomend to anyone considering the procedure. By all means stop taking any blood thinners (including; ASA, vit E, ginko biloba etc) 5 days before, if safe for your condition. The injections do cause bruising, especially, in the lips in my case. 2) Be sure of where you want the filler injeced, because it can last up to a year. 3)Don't forget that you do have a few days to 'even out' your injections by using gentle pressure and a lotion to 'move' the product around. I am amazed by the results. And don't worry the 'lumpy' feeling will go away!!
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