Restylane is Great Because You Can Remove It Immediately

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I've had restylane in my lips and under my eyes,...

I've had restylane in my lips and under my eyes, one was great the other not so great. I've read a lot of other people's experiences with it and have done a lot of research and there are two common complaints; lumps and too much. I've found that the doctor who administers it is important in that their technique prevents lumps from forming and they can also gauge how much to add so you don't look weird. The first doctor had a very professional, small practice and my lips looked great. However the doctor who used it to remove under eye circles had a large, hip, well known establishment. They looked great at first but I went back for a touch up and ended up with way too much. This gave me bags rather than the original hollows and I found this to look worse than nothing. Well this experience has turned out okay too because he then administered hyaluronidase to remove some of it and they are now back to looking great. Bottom line-never do more than .5 cc for the top or bottom lip or for each under eye hollow(1 syringe per area). Also know that you are never 'stuck' with a look you don't like because restylane can be dissoved within a few hours. Finally if you do get lumps that same enzyme can be used to try and dissolve them and it usually works. Oh and ASK for a NERVE BLOCK whenever you get restylane-then it's virtually pain free. Don't just do the topical numbing, do the nerve block. I can't imagine doing it without that.
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