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At 41 the lines from the sides of my nose to my...

At 41 the lines from the sides of my nose to my mouth were starting to get deep and I really disliked them. I already had had Botox in my forehead and my Dr suggested I try Restylane. I've had two treatments now, 6 months apart. The first one seemed to last about 4 months and I felt a little $jipped, but this second treatment is lasting really well and appears even more natural than the first treatment. I'm very happy with the results. During the second treatment the Dr also filled a little line on my chin below my mouth and its completely gone now.

The feeling at first was a little weird - I could feel where the Restylane was. It felt like thick lines/tubes under my skin. My face felt a little stiff for about two weeks, but now my face is smoother and the Restylane is indistinct to the touch.

Pros: Quick fix for facial lines that are not too deep.

Cons: Cost - but still far less $ than a face lift.

One note: I got both Botox and Restylane injections during the same Dr visit - if you don't like needles, consider having the treatments separate. I don't like needles but have toughed it out - my Dr uses great numbing creams - but it does (or can) take concentrating on relaxing to get through both treatments in the same visit.

Over all though - for me Pros way out weigh any cons.

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