Restylane Gave Me Five Months of Perfect Results

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In February I went for Restylane injections to my...

In February I went for Restylane injections to my nasiolabial folds and the fine lines to the side of my eyes (not tear troughs). This was my first and only experience with anything cosmetic; I seem to be the only person to miss the Botox revolution! LOL The injections were easy and pretty pain-free (this shocked me) but I freaked out after I got home. I could feel the Restylane where it had been put in and it was weird. I also felt like I was bloated and she had put too much in. I thought I had six months or more to wait for results I would actually like. But in about three days I was less swollen and I could see my results. I didn’t look puffy anymore and my fine lines were gone. The skin where the crease would have been had even smoothed over! I thought after years of being folded, it would always be there. By the end of the first week the slight bruising and the swelling was completely gone and I was thrilled! I still am thrilled, truth be told; I haven’t seen my results fade yet. My fine lines were what was making me look upper-40s and now I would say I look like a very young 40. So many people have commented on my looks in a positive way but no one has worked out that I had something done. This is exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t be happier.
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